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    Have either of you seen similar results in your book sales?
    I hardly sell any print with self-publishing; some print with small publishers; mostly print with big publishers (possibly because the e-book prices are so high, but also because they have bookstore distribution).

    For myself as a reader, I don't want to wait several days for a book I want to arrive. So I either buy print copies in the bookstore or e-copies online. Instant gratification either way. I think self-published titles will always struggle to sell print because we can't get them in bookstores, but I know some self-published authors who do a lot of hand-selling (to friends and families, at conferences, or whatever) who move a fair number of print copies.

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    My next big marketing decision is if I want to rejoin KDP, or just add a couple books to KDP (Kindle unlimited program). I used to make money there, but they have an exclusivity clause so you cannot sell that material digitally anywhere else. So they sell your books at a discounted rate and demand exclusivity, but KDP makes money and is a great place to pick up reviews. So I have to decide if I'm making enough money in other venues (like Nook & GooglePlay) to offset the revenue lost by not being in KDP.

    I should start a thread on that. See if anyone is making money on KDP.

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    Okay, so it's 0410 hrs, I've been up since 0357. I have a 4x cup of coffee so dark that it will leave a ring around your guts (it leaves a ring around the coffee cup), and two manuscripts to edit. I took a few days off to do artwork, but today I am right back at the editing cycle. Fortunately, both of these manuscripts had doublebacks (where I double back every hundred pages or so to tighten up characters and keep the story on trajectory)so the book was never really that rough (each manuscript had 3 or 4 doublebacks during the writing process so they were pretty tight.)

    So since neither manuscript needs tons of fixing, they still need character improvement. I am looking out for hum-drum characters, or any opportunity to make a character 'more' than they already are. Characters are the key to any book, so I want to make sure that mine jump off the paper and amaze the reader.

    Alright, gotta go. I'm burning daylight here!

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    So even though I have written a few books, I still get a thrill every time I get a new proof copy in the mail. I dunno what it is, but there is nothing cooler than getting a copy of the book that you essentially built from a blank page. With Indie publishing it's especially cool because not only did you write the thing, but you created the artwork, created the cover, created the jacket text...you did everything from cover to cover...and it all started with a blinking cursor on a blank page.

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    So you may have guessed that I am in an editing phase. I even caught myself getting editor's elbow the other day.

    A lot of lip service is given to the idea of editing, but very little discussion into the deep mechanics of editing.
    What exactly am I doing when I'm busy EditingEditingEditingEditing?

    So here is a list of things I am looking for when I edit and tweak my work.
    1) SPAG Basic spellng, grammer, punctuation, homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, and the usual mechanical stuff
    2) Does it flow? The reader should be able to read at a consistent, flowing pace without having to slow down for rough spots.
    3) Do the characters pop? Are they consistent? Are they fun? Do they each have a unique voice (or do they all talk the same?) Could they be more than they are?
    4) The interactions: Have I maximized the interactions between my characters? Was it dynamic enough, or a boring interaction?
    5) Repeat word usage: I avoid using the same word or terms within too small of a span.
    6) Repeat character references: I like to have multiple ways to refer to major characters. He, him, his, and John get old quick. I define these alternate characteristics during their character introduction; tall mechanic, redheaded mechanic, big guy, etc. During editing I look for patterns where the same terms get overused.
    7) Boring patches! I usually find these because my mind wanders and suddenly I forget what I was reading. If I am losing interest, then the scene needs work or amputation. Possibly it needs more of #3 and #4 above. Building better characters makes better interactions.
    8 ) Layout and presentation of the text. Okay, writing is a literary art, but it is also quite visual. Sometimes how you display something, the font, the caps, the italics, the hyphens, can make the difference between the passage flowing logically, and it slamming into a weirdly formatted word. Ebook or E-book or ebook or e-book? WOPR or W.O.P.R.? How you lay out text can mark interrupt the story.
    9) Am I rushing to tell the story? It is real easy to get focused on telling the story at the expense of the characters. Resist the urge to be the young bull on the hill, tis always better to have the mindset of the old bull when telling a story; take your time, walk down into that valley, introduce those characters, make them real, make them interesting, and tell the story as you bring them to life.

    So right now is a first for me; I am editing 2 books at the same time. I have a print copy of book 3 that I am marking up when I'm offline, and a digital copy of book 4 running on my laptop. I go back and forth on them throughout the day. I start writing/editing every day at 0400, and by 1900 I'm brain dead so I go play L4D2 and smash zombies with a frying pan until bedtime.

    Gotta go fix stuff. Laters.

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