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    Okay, this next post is just a rant. This is something that CreateSpace has done since day one, and they seem disinclined to fix it.

    Here's the deal, when I make a cover I like to be able to see the spine-lines, the places where the cover folds 90 degrees, because I usually have a demarcation line between cover and spine. But in cover builder they don't show where these lines are, so you have to use the ruler, and do some math to calculate the spine thickness..... What a PITA.

    But you can see the spine lines in the digital previewer, but that step comes after submitting the book (and a 24hr wait). So I have to upload a cover, wait a day, then I can see in the digital previewer is my cover is properly lined up with the spine lines. If it doesn't then I go back and upload a new cover and wait 24 hours.......


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    Here is an important thing many self-publishers didn't know: Choosing the FREE expanded marketing options on CreateSpace adds about $5 to the cost of your book.
    Sure, it gets you on some lists...but who is gonna buy your book at that price?

    But before you blast CP for this, keep in mind that they are cool enough to give you the option. If you publish on Nook Print you get zoomed for these marked up fees, no option to abstain. No idea how they do it on Amazon Print yet. I'll test them next.

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    So this morning I finally nutted-up and set a date for the new book release. Scheduled the vacation time, set the date on Amazon (which BTW can only be set 90 days out now--no doubt thanks to those smart guys who had figured out how to use a distant release date to keep their books floated to the top of lists.) But suddenly as I'm counting those months up on my fingers it all seems like a really short span of time to finish this much work.

    So this project of mine to sell a 2-volume Ebook reminds me of a story about a guy who climbed the Sears tower, jumped out, and as he passed one of the floors he could be heard to say "Well,so far, so good..."

    It never even occurred to me that I would not need 1 cover, but 3 covers (book 3, book 4, and book 3.5). Also, each of those need a landing page image so I had to build those too (In both print and ebook I like to have a large graphic with the title, copyright, author...BS. I prefer to use a graphic because it stays together better than text, I dont have to worry about font changes or centering issues, just add the info to an image, oversize the image so the reader is forced to scale it to fit the screen, and I don;t worry about centering.)

    Oh, and I also have to have 3 seperate blurbs/jacket text.. Arrrrggghhhh. What was I thinking?

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    So, I have a proof copy of one of the books on its way to me. But with this one I am trying something different: I am maximizing the text to fit the publisher's max margins. It reduces page count, and I do not use the top of page headers either (never understood the need for top of page headers--they just drive up the cost of the book). So it looks okay in the digital previewer, but I need to see it in print. If I like it I will apply it to the other 3 books in the series, possibly lowering their cover price. Since I am releasing the last two books of the series I was planning on opening up the first two books and making sure their cover details and formatting are inline thru all 4 books.

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    I didn't have any cover problems with Amazon Print - they put up all the cover lines in the preview, including the spine lines. Score one for that system (I still don't understand why Amazon have two systems; are they trying to be their own competition?)

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    Do you sell a significant number of print books when you self-publish? Are you hand-selling them somehow, or do your readers order them online?

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    I actually sell few print books, mainly sell ebooks. Even when I have a book at the top of its [brief] sales arc, I sell few print books compared to digital books.
    I really think we are seeing the death of print publishing.
    But this will be good in many ways.

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    Have either of you seen similar results in your book sales?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harper J. Cole View Post
    I didn't have any cover problems with Amazon Print - they put up all the cover lines in the preview, including the spine lines. Score one for that system (I still don't understand why Amazon have two systems; are they trying to be their own competition?)


    My guess is that they will wait until they have herded as many as they can into the new platform, then they'll implement the EXPANDED MARKETING plan, that will be mandatory, and jack your book's cover price up. CreateSpace has this feature, but it can be unchecked. In fact, they may use that feature to herd people out of CP and into KDP, then once they're all in the new corral they close the gate and implement Expanded Marketing on the herd. At least that's how I would do it if I were an evil mega-corporation, hellbent on taking over the world.

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