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    Beta Reader Basics
    Beta Readers offer an assessment of books and projects prior to them being submitted for publication or published. Beta Readers can assist writers by giving feedback about any issues in the work relating to the plot, structure, characters and pacing of the work.

    Beta Readers are not professional; they represent an opportunity to hear the voice of an average reader. They are not copy editors and do not correct mistakes such as typos or punctuation, so please do not expect them to do so.

    When requesting a Beta Reader you are asking someone to freely give up their time to read your book or project and respond to help you finalise it, so please respect them and their time. Do not request Beta Readers for work that is incomplete and not copy edited. Beta Reading should be one of the last phases of editing.

    Please note that any WF member who acts disrespectfully towards beta Readers will be unable to use this service again and may face other action regarding their membership of WF.

    Requesting a Beta Reader
    Only request a Beta Reader if your work is finished and has been edited for basic grammatical and literal errors. Request to read partial works or incomplete texts to ‘see how it is going’ will be rejected. If you require this feedback, please use the appropriate Workshops.

    All posts for Beta Reader Requests are moderated so will not appear immediately. WF Members may have only one ‘live’ Beta Reader request thread at any one time. When the Beta Reader s have returned their comments, please ensure you thank them and tell others how they have helped you in your thread. You may then request that it is closed.

    You will need to supply ALL the following information when requesting a Beta Reader. Failure to do so will result in your request not being posted. You will also need to supply a first chapter or sample of the work; this will not be posted but will be used to ensure that the work being put forward for Beta Reading is at an appropriate stage in its development. This should be sent, pasted into a PM, to: PiP

    Required Information

    • TITLE (The title of your book or project)
    • GENRE (Please include the main Genre and Sub-Genre of the work; do not list multiple genres. If the work is a crossover, explain this in the OTHER INFORMATION section)
    • WORD COUNT (Round this up to the closest 1K)
    • BLURB (Around 300 words, this should be similar to a back cover text. Do not include a synopsis or spoilers as this can impact on the reader experience)
    • AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION (A brief typical target reader description)
    • EXPECTATIONS (Explain the type of feedback you required and the mechanism that will be used to gather it, such as use of on-line forms, questionnaires with MSS, etc.)
    • TIMESCALE (The turnaround time in which you would expect responses. Be realistic with this, but also ensure that you don’t end up with Readers that cannot meet your needs)
    • AVAILABLE FORMATS (Outline the choices of how Beta Readers can receive the MSS, such as e-book, PDF, word file, hard copy, etc.. Remember that some Beta Readers will be wary of receiving certain types of attachments. Also, hard copy MSSs will need to be posted and should include an SAE with sufficient postage to receive replies. Works for Beta Reading cannot be shared via the WF forum)
    • OTHER INFORMATION (Indicate any other information about the book that may influence a Beta Reader, including any warnings about language, adult themes, etc.)
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