Nude Use or Not?

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    Nude Use or Not?

    I've been contemplating whether or not to use a nude scene for one of my characters. For her, I think it'd be a scene that would show (not tell) about some of her qualities and her feelings. There are multiple ways I could do this type of scene...not sure which way would be best so help me out if you can.

    One thing I must mention is that this character likes playing both sides...both good and evil...sneaky...she flips multiple times and can be extremely dangerous (thought she manages to keep that low-key so no one really knows). This character has a several battle scars on her body...cuts and lots of stitches (especially on her torso)...there are particular ones she remembers because a former ally/friend gave them to her...for this scene I think it would be interesting if she touched a particular scar and it burned/hurt...made her feel a bit more revengeful...reminds her of how much hurt the person who gave it to her has brought to her life...they did more than just give her a scar they also betrayed her and damaged her family. She is a strong character...I think this nude scene by herself in a room would be powerful to the reader with what I'm trying to present of the character.

    Another thing I was thinking about for her was to have a sex scene. Originally, I think she was more asexual...didn't care for relationships...but I'm not sure if that is believable or human to most readers. She must have some sort of interest in romance perhaps? Knowing her background so well, she's not into guys for various reasons. She would have a relationship with another female character and she would love this character note is that this main female character I'm talking about is fairly shy. She uses this relationship as an outlet. I'm not sure how a girl + girl sex scene would look to most readers...I know it's not as don't see it often in just trying to figure what would be best way to portray it. It doesn't necessarily have to be long or anything...just a moment between my character and her girlfriend before a big battle or confrontation the next day. Any tips on how to write a scene like this would be appreciated if I decide to do this.

    Now this next idea is a little bit out of left field maybe but what if I actually had a sex scene between her and a guy (even though she's not interested in guys) but this scene would be used to showcase her confidence, dominance, and power? She would utilize her body to her lure a male she secretly despises so much to have sex with her...and in the end she would kill this male character in this scene. She is an expert at setting up traps. I think it would be a unique idea to present her strength...that even when she's not equipped with armor, sword, guns, etc. she can still kill and she is confident at doing so even without protection. I think that would sent a statement to the reader of how toxic and dangerous she could be.

    Just kicking around ideas. I think for this character a nude scene would make her a little bit easier to identify with the reader and more believable. Any tips, advice, or recommendations are welcome!

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    I think it would be a unique idea
    No it's not unique. Basic Instinct, The Dark Knight Rises, off the top of my head the villain sleeps with the hero to blindside them via stabbing.

    Your second idea might...will likely be interpreted as homophobic.

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    Clearly you *want* to write these scenes! So I say go for it. Don't stress about how unique it is or isn't, or whether it's homophobic (I certainly wouldn't see it that way), just do it. It sounds pretty good, like you might have some well-developed characters here.

    For better or worse, I quite enjoy writing erotic scenes. I like the fact that you get to show so much character in them as you say, with all the subtleties of personality, and also the bar seems to be quite low so it's nice to pop the cliche. To me that's the main thing - avoid the cliches, and, ermm, draw from experience or a sense of desire or whatnot. Dig deep, write with passion, and don't be shy about it Good luck!

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    Recently I have been reading some books that have gone for more controversial content in them, and I have found that it takes away from the story. Not because there was controversial content, but because it was written incredibly poorly.

    In both my opinion and ccording to my experience, what being written doesn't matter very much at all. It's all about execution. As long as what you're doing fits in well with the story and isn't being thrown in because boobs, then you'll be fine.
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    Write the scenes, and if you don't like 'em then delete 'em.
    But I gotta warn you; it's difficult to write sex scenes one-handed.

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    Why not write them? If you ever feel about writing something but are holding back, always write it so you won't regret it.

    And people love sex.

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    I'm with bd on this -- you answered your question. I think a nude scene is okay even in Y/A, and it sounds like you are in adult where even your sex scene is not even close to being a problem.

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! A nude scene, or a sex scene, can be a powerful way to to show your character. Go for it, go for it, go for it. See if you can make it work, it has great potential.

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    This is just my moral compass speaking, but I think nude and sex scenes are fine, even necessary at times, as long as these scenes do not portray sex as self-serving or glorify infidelity.

    Edit: Also, I would avoid any kind of erotica, personally
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    If it doesn't advance the plot, a nude scene would be useless. Also, why ruin the build-up or description of the character in question by having them take their clothes off? Sometimes it's the details you don't see that makes them interesting in the first place.

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