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    Hi, H. Brown

    I just got my tenth post in, so I guess now I'm free to start sharing. I have to, you know. Baby insists

    I'll have something up soon. Right after I eat my cheeseburger and fries

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    That Timex Sinclair 1000 was a BEAST! My Sylvania TV was my monitor. The keyboard plugged into the back of the TV via an Atari game switch. And my hard drive was a cassette player I remember it taking forever just to find the little programs I'd written. Fast forward! NO! Rewind!! I hated it with all my heart
    Lol! I guess so! I can't imagine any of that! Glad I got mine later on when it was a little easier to deal with! I worked with floppies then both flavors. Forgot to save a chapter once, and my kids accidentally deleted the whole thing. My office set up was such that as they ran round the downstairs rooms, their flailing arms hit the power button and shut off the computer. So after whining and grumping a bit, I rearranged the room so they could run through without danger of crashing my computer.

    I was the type of mother who believed kids had a right to fun I wanted to have as a kid. Somehow, I actually managed to work while all this mayhem went on around me! Boys are grown now - no more worries that way!

    I now work with an Asus gaming laptop because it came with the 16 ram, 1T hard drive, i7 processor. All the other laptops had half all that, although they did have an i7 processor - got this through Rent a Center . . . Only thing I wish for is a bigger monitor. But I have it hooked up to a 29" Samsung TV, so I'm happy - until I have to use it elsewhere and can't take the monitor! The resolution of the TV is sooo much better than the laptop's monitor!

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