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    I've received a professional feedback on a novel I wrote and she pointed to me this exact problem. Some plot points were obscure, but not in a sense of show vs. tell, more of a "why the hell is this guy running around after all?"

    I implied too much, instead of telling or showing what should be happening.
    Implication 'is' showing. This is what I meant, above, by 'incompletely imagined'. You need to be able to see the scene in its full detail in order to relate the happenings, and the audience has to have something to refer to.
    It's like innuendo. When Eric Idle nods and winks and jogs Terry Jones with his elbow, squire, most people know what that means, and that's why the jape works.
    Saying "I'm sayin'" doesn't illustrate anything at all.
    I like to make literary references to move the plot...a story of mine begins "He too knew the words of Guru."
    If you don't know the original story, there are details later to fill it in. But if you do, you have the thing pegged.
    As a writer, you control the horizontal and the vertical. Make the reader connect the dots.
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    Yeah, I need to work on this. The problem is that I didn't give enough dots for the reader to connect =(

    It is manageable tho.

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