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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack of all trades View Post
    Ah, yes! But the betas actually read your work before telling you there was the problem! That's all well and good.

    I have a concern about new members here being told they have problems when no work has been posted.
    No one ever said all new writers have problems and need to make cuts. Never. Not even once. All I said was that most writing can benefit from selective reduction, and that is true. No one can suggest where that sort of editing can help without seeing the work, but it is very safe to believe that those opportunities exist. There should be nothing worrisome about any writer being reminded that not all of his/her words are sacrosanct.

    This is not about my work. It is entirely about new, potentially talented members being given bad advice, based solely on the odds.
    You opened with an overly general question to which you apparently didn't want any answers that didn't agree with your opinion, but then started talking about imaginary writings which might not benefit from some trimming. All I asked was for an example we could study, and since you certainly can't show someone else's work-in-progress as an example, I suggested yours.

    If you think telling new writers that their work can probably benefit from a tightening of their prose is 'bad advice', then you yourself still have much to learn.

    Obviously my opinions are in the minority here. It's probably time I just move along. I'm sure there'll be a celebration.
    Every member has to do what he or she considers best for him or her. Members come and go. Someone leaving is never celebrated, but often it doesn't even make the water ripple.
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    You need grapes or other fruits to make the water Ripple. Just sayin'. Otherwise you just have to flush.

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    I'm an adder, but I have also cut things. My first novel was about 350000 words, and I was told to either cut it or make it two volumes. It wasn't a story I could make two volumes with. I could and have done sequels, but those are totally different stories based off the first. I ended up cutting it down to about 225000. I think that's where it still is.

    I've recently added some scenes to the second novel to tie it in even better with the third that I'm working on. Cut if you see it's going to help the story, but hey, if another great idea pops up, add!

    There are many great ideas I would have added had I written them down at the time I thought of them . . . That's another story . . .!
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