Lucid dreams, life unseen, waves stirring slumber’s depth.
Hospital gown, people surround, nurse saying time to go,
tears stream through good byes, white room without walls.

Rows, chrome rails, crisp sheets, patient’s wheeled beds,
Placed in my space, leaning to whisper, toward my face,
Embrace this dying time, inhale, follow your last exhale unafraid.

Confused intention, misinterpretation? Faint recollections, life’s collections.
Fearing, I shouldn’t be here. In goodness, health, spirit, being, vibrantly seeming.
Emotionless, her face, she pivots, dissolves. Alone, finality heavy, this room.

Transcendentally seeking God’s clarity. Remaining breath, waiting.
Sadness encumbered, resignation erased, resiliency embraced,
Fluttered eyes revealing awareness, joy feeling, life’s soft sweetness.