*28* The Vulture and the Lion

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    *28* The Vulture and the Lion

    A vulture waited in the tree
    on the look-out for a dinner,
    the days and lonely nights dragged by
    as the vulture just got thinner.

    Then finally he’d had enough
    and new thoughts filled his head,
    ‘I’m sick of all this hanging round,
    I’ll kill something instead.’

    He set off on this mission;
    it was murder he had his eye on,
    so perhaps it was unfortunate
    that he should spy a lion.

    With a mad glint in his eye
    and his dark face full of spite,
    he dived into the cat’s domain
    and tried to pick a fight.

    The lion watched his posturing
    with a lazy sleepy eye,
    then tried to get back to his dreams
    and ignore his shrieking cry.

    The vulture did not take the hint
    and lunged into the fray.
    The lion raised a listless paw
    and swiped the bird away.

    Bruised, confused and flustered,
    the vulture gave a moan,
    yet still he didn’t have the sense
    to leave well enough alone.

    He launched into a new assault
    aimed at the lion’s head
    and tried to grab a bite to eat
    but got punched in the beak instead.

    As he lay groaning on the floor,
    he began to think things through
    and decided that a sneak attack
    would be the thing to do.

    He sidled off behind a tree
    and took up his position.
    It still had not occurred to him
    this was a bad decision.

    He waited until he felt sure
    the cat was off his guard,
    then rushed, with battered beak outstretched
    and pecked him really hard.

    The lion leapt up in a rage
    and squashed him with his paws.
    The vulture felt the world revolve
    beneath the teeth and claws.

    It lasted just a minute
    but it seemed more like an age,
    before the lion dropped the bird
    and walked off in a rage.

    The vulture lay there panting
    in a heap of fur and feather,
    ‘He’s better than I thought,’ he said,
    ‘but I think I’ve got his measure.’

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    jen, jen,jen!!!
    what does the last stanza mean???
    It was so fun to read! Then I got to the last stanza...
    ’I got his measure’ ....I know I’m just American but
    ...well, I guess it’s the same in any language
    anywhere...or I could be wrong

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    I'm sure it's not just you, Tuesday. It's no doubt one of those expressions that never made it across the Atlantic. Over here, it means 'I''ve worked out his strengths and weaknesses' and the implication is that the vulture is not about to give up but plans to take on the lion again. Some folk just don't know when to let it go.

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    I see, now it makes perfect sense
    the little vulture that could....try, try and try again
    even if it kills you...

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably work on that last stanza in the revision to give it a wider appeal.


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