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    # 19 Tan Lines Blur

    Bounding, sounding, springboard pounding foot steps,
    Leaping, landing, laughter sounding, pier to water.
    Enchanting summer sun, toning from girl’s camp’s iron bell.
    Teenage boy’s fascination, youth’s fountain a bottomless well.

    This lake, first Love, shoreline curves, body glowing,
    Shallow’s daydream wade, Bedazzled her reflection.
    Permissive wave, flirtatious gaze, goosebump’s trickled line.
    Adolescent awakening, intoxicating age of whimsy.

    Bare feet, beach tracks, towels laying tan, bikini strings untied,
    Possibilities never granted unless asked. Yes!
    Pass afternoon, rising moon, darkened veil, starlight dip.
    eyes of innocence, tan lines swoon, femininity blooms.

    Twilight’s sweet recall, drink each quenching midnight swim.
    Age, experience, perjures joy, consequence, suspicious eyes.
    Below water’s surface, tan lines blur, virtuous intentions fade.
    interludes long passed, same pier, still lake, knowing smile reflected.
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