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    #12 Brambles Scratchy Gift

    Evelyn’s been pickin, sweet and wild,
    raspberries off them briars, old north forty.
    Scraps of cloth wiping, sweaty brow dripping,
    mosquitoes, chiggers itchy, brambles scratchy.

    Cat bird squall, scrambled from her nest.
    “Ma means no harm, just an old dirt dobber.”
    Purple stains, finger tips and palms,
    old milk jugs too full, two arms juggle to hold.

    Kitchen’s pace, pectin, sugar, berries, rolling boil.
    Jars of jam to can, cobbler crust to roll, pie to fill.
    One for Mt Pleasant Church, down cemetery way,
    sharecropper’s daughter, praising nature’s bounty.
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    Raspberries are the best! Ooh memories... I haven't had a fruit cobbler for years!

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