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    #11 Cautious Interloper

    This boyhood fascination, wings on a wheel,
    Andretti, Sax and Hill, taming steeds of steel, heroes come May,
    Foyt’s Turbocharged Coyote, my Schwinn powered daydream,
    Transistor radio channels, Howdy Bell's voice coloring speed.

    Midlife yearning, career disconcerting, darkness crawls into doubt.
    Tracing roots, this passage in time, finding comfort one night,
    walking as shadows pull. Crossing tracks, through creek and field,
    guided by ghosts, history’s birthplace of speed, this cautious interloper.

    Powerful energy opens eyes wide, spirits call, tears stream,
    stirring within me that boy of wonder, thirst, possibilities, innocence.
    One yard of bricks, one back home song, one trophy of faces, infield lawn,
    on sacred grounds, lay my foundation of center, found with their light.

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    Through your poem, I almost came to understand that strange male fascination with motorbikes. The images you pull up are great and that title is inspired. It's not my natural interest so the fact that I enjoyed this poem so much says a lot about your skill as a poet. Thanks for opening my eyes a little.

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    Thank you Jen. I appreciate your kind words.

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    I like the spiritual side connecting to the
    ancestors, being guided by their light

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    Eve, those are perfect moments. I feel that, the more I quiet my mind, the more often that happens

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