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    Jim Thompson and James M Cain are probably better things to look at than Goodfellas as those two writers dwell on such subjects. Not going to find much romance in noir, but plenty of ideas on how to fit into a life of crime and rampant doublecrossing.
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    "because although he leads a mafia, he does hold specific morals and as I mentioned, he has a gentlemanly side. I've had a few ideas but I'm struggling to execute them. Any ideas or tips would be helpful."

    If he is running a crime family then he is likely a sociopath pretending to be a nice guy, like Stalin posturing. To run an underworld organization you need to be abby-normal. If it were something normal people could do then we'd all be doing it. Many gangsters have tried to pretend they were gentlemen, but it was all a thin veil covering a monster beneath. People who run crime families are not nice people. They may give away turkeys like Nino Brown, but underneath it all they are sharks, and you cannot tame a shark.

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