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Thread: CreateSpace versus Nook Print Services

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    I just discovered one serious flaw with Amazon Print services (Kindle Print).
    When you order a proof copy (prior to formal publication) they add a watermark to the cover!!!
    Since they don't offer a pre-sale option, you have to wait until the day before release date to click the GOLIVE button.

    So if the books all have a NOT FOR SALE watermark across the front, how the $@#!! do I send out advance copies?

    Not only that, but the ordering process is wonky---you request a proof, then wait for an email, and you go back and place the order within 24 hours.
    Why the $@#! can't I just go to the order page and order my advance copies?

    I don't understand the problem.

    First, if you're giving out advance copies for reviews, the watermark shouldn't be a problem. What am I missing?

    Second, I don't really get why this is a problem now, since September 5th was your launch date. Did you decide to delay it for some reason? (Ah! The image finally loaded. I see this is the reprint book.)

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    So today I got my first proof copy from Kindle Print publishing.
    They said there would be a watermark on it.
    That ain't a's a banner.
    I'm not sure how I am supposed to send out pre-release copies with that across the top.
    Also, the resolution seems lower than covers I have had printed through CreateSpace. It looks a bit grainy, like it came from the 1990s or something.

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    The watermark goes all the way around the book.

    But I thought I'd throw this pic up here.
    I like to have the publisher logo at the bottom.On the left is the Indies United logo.On the right is the Rotten Apple Publishing logo (#3 indicates it is 3rd book of the series)

    In this pic you can actually see how much grainier the print quality is from Kindle Print (on the left) versus CreateSpace (right)
    I gotta say that I am not exactly thrilled by Amazon's new service.

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