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    Like Jarls, Shoguns, Kings, Lords,
    and Queens
    They each share a touch of grace
    reclining in their navy-blue or gray
    Arthurian strongholds.

    They assume they’re unstoppable
    casting sweaty men to war like
    salmon to sea
    Yet they’re still mortals
    but with a touch of grace.
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    at a Detroit stop
    intense eyes talked
    from nowhere known

    I looked round a young man
    just he and I alone
    a stranger from the war
    his look said Viet Nam

    camouflaged pants
    tucked in leather boots
    he spoke as if he knew me,
    familiar in his tone
    but tone so strange to me

    as his tone converged
    with agitated stance
    he talked about his comrades
    all laid out in a row

    five heads he said,
    my virgin mind perplexed
    five heads he said once more

    five heads, each with its own tree
    foliage all around,
    distant popping sounds
    trails across the sky

    along a jungle path
    making clearings bright
    my comrade’s heads laid neatly
    for others to see

    all in a row
    places mapped by steps
    my comrade’s heads laid neatly
    for others to see

    rotted jungle floor
    no marching anymore
    my comrade’s heads laid neatly
    for others to see

    his voice quivered sweetly
    moistness in hard eyes
    my comrade’s heads laid neatly
    for others to see

    I thought his hands would grab me
    to make a point once more
    a deed was done with suffering
    his body felt the cuts

    the bus arrived for rescue
    he did not cross the door
    I left him standing talking

    my comrade’s heads laid neatly
    for others to see.
    “We are afloat/On our dreams, as on a barge made of ice”
    John Ashbery

    "she likes that I like it too because to make a thing true all you've got to do is believe."
    Charles Bukowski

    "Wise men build bridges, fools build barriers " The Black Panther

    "Which story do you prefer? Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals?"
    Yann Martel, Life of Pi

    It is not how things are in the world that is mystical, but that it exists”
    Ludwig Wittgenstein

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    Telford Street

    A stone’s throw from the riot zone
    Is a row of back-to-backs
    In a dead-end street just below
    A rumble of railway tracks.

    The squat sits squarely where it stands
    Complete with toking punks
    Getting high behind broken windows
    Covered up with boards.

    And falling-down drunks
    That come and go
    Blinded as a legless man
    Crawling to Lourdes.

    While a knock on the door at number four
    Softly in the night
    Means once more, she’s turning on
    The lipstick-tinted light.

    In a splash of rusted yellow
    Lay the permanent skip
    Where children play through-and-through
    And catch-me-if-you-chase.

    Under the damp arch, slogans bellow
    I live here and here’s the proof!
    And by the lamp ‘Jesus loves you’
    The only touch of grace.

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