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    Tony is right, we’ve steered off course again and veered right back on to the unpaved pot hole ridden dirt road from hell that takes out everyone’s shocks. We already have a pressure free area where beginners can find their voice:

    The Poetry Hill

    This forum is to build confidence and help the new poet find his or her voice. It is not about teaching poetry methods so much as guiding the poet towards their own potential.

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    @H Brown;
    I fully understand what you mean, I can request the critique type i want. That's logical, however, I firmly believe that if I ever did that or anyone for that matter, they'd either be ignored or insulted for asking for such and posting a poem in a thread dedicated to critiquing. Some might suggest they join The Hill, to which it's possible that since I view the poetry thread as the major leagues, do others view the Hill as the minor leagues?
    "Illegitimi non carborundum " Vinegar' Joe Stilwell

    "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr.

    What you learn in life is important, those you help learn, are more important.

    "They can because they think they can."

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    We have a reasonably large amount of poets with varying skill sets. To label areas as major or minor leagues is detrimental. We are all poets in varying stages of our journeys. I have been here over a decade and never before has there been so much upheaval over critique and where to post. The advanced and beginners always interacted without serious incident on every board dedicated to poetry. When I touched down here, I sucked. I knew nothing. I posted my garbage on the board and received honest critique. Since I sucked, you can imagine the crit I received. It was well deserved but not so easy to swallow and my thin skin resulted in my being butt hurt. Back then, the majority of poets were super advanced and their honest critique turned me into a poet. I still thank the stars nightly for each one of those poets, collectively they taught me how to use my voice. I started out as an ignorant disaster so I do realize how honest critique can sting, and so do many other old timers here hence the creation of Poetry Hill. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, whether you’re still toddling or have wings to glide, ultimately we are all the same, folks who love a craft and are trying to keep it alive. Labeling areas only serves to divide us, we are all here for the same reason and to help each other to learn which in turn thickens skin. United we stand and prosper, some quicker than others but there is no time limits in the pursuit of perfection, divided we squabble over naught and no one progresses.

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