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    Post 19th Century Birmingham, England research material

    Hi there, my first post in a while so it's nice to be back!

    I was wondering if anybody here would know of any decent material to aid with my study of Birmingham, England in the Victorian era?

    My story is set in the 1850s - '60s and I wanted to get a good feel of how the city operated and how it would have felt to live in that particular city in those times. I'm aware that Birmingham established itself as the "second city" of England in the industrial revolution and came to be a very work-driven city, but I'm more interested in the high- and low-end real-estate, and the more wealthy areas of the city. Even the suburban areas of Birmingham. However it seems rather hard to find info on these.

    It would be brilliant to just walk through the city, so if anybody knows of any films (any language is fine) or even detailed books that are set in 19th Century Birmingham, that would be perfect.

    Thanks a lot :)

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