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Thread: I have question about poetry

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    I have question about poetry

    I have often wondered if punctuation and grammar are correct in my poems. As I am writing the words and lines seem correct to me. I tried a paper rater I read about and was told my sentences were to short. Is there a program that will rate poetry? Would I be better off just leaving it the way I hear it in my mind?


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    The short answer is that a program designed to analyze prose won't work well on poetry.

    For one problem, the newline is used more often in poetry than prose. (There is also more use of layout and tabbing.) So that's going to confuse any computer analysis. I would argue the grammar tends to be different, but that's a long story.
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    If you're going to try to use a program to check SPaG, put it in one paragraph, not multiple lines. Getting rid of the new lines will help. How much, I'm not sure.

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    There are different schools of thought as to how grammer and punctuation should be used in poetry. Some will say it’s no different than prose and others will says that there are no rules whatsoever in poetry. So it’s entirely subjective. I often write poetry with no punctuation and no capitals. Nouns can be used as verbs, verbs can be used as adjectives. It’s all fair game as long as you are consistent within the poem. So I would say that grammer programs for poetry are useless. They will make your poetry read like prose, which is contrary to the point of poetry.

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    Was it in the movie Gladiator that Russell Crowe screamed the answer to this: "Freedom!"? Or, Mel Gibson movie?

    Ain't no rules.
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    What's punctuation when it's at home... Seriously, I find it best not to think about any technical aspects of writing poetry, all that comes after you are satisfied with what you're saying and that you have the right words in the right order. If you are unsure of how your poem punctuates and/or delineates, try deleting all punctuation and line breaks, remove all capitals and replace with lower case, you will then have one long line of text. Now, put it away for a couple of weeks. When you come back to it, and without reference to the original, redo the line breaks and add, if neccesary, punctuation.

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    Thank you all very much. Everyone was very helpful. Guess being down with the flu, getting my poems perfect for my first contest and figuring out guidelines I got stuck. Still stuck but feeling better. If anyone has entered poetry writing contest I would like to ask couple questions.

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    I think a very important part of poetry is the freedom one gets while writing it. Obviously there is a right or wrong when it comes to spelling or grammar but there's no formula when writing a poem assuming you want it to be free.
    One tip I can give is try reading it out loud and see if it flows nicely.
    (I know I'm a bit late on this :/)

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    I always ruin the poem probably four seconds before I hit submit? Sprinkle of the def/indef, and a whole new inspiration, man becomes mankind and suchlike. Then, the sickness in the pit months later when you realise a fellow human being read this monster. Being a poet is like being a really ugly sea creature living at 10 000 feet below water. That's my experience


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