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    Newsletter - February 2018

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    A new year and a new logo for the WF Newsletter reflecting that our members come from all over the world - a truly international community where everyone is welcome.

    Coming up, what's happening in February - news, views and contests. And what happened in January - doffing our collective cap to winners, published members and star performers.


    "The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within."
    Wrote the American poet William C. Bryant.

    Steady on Bill - some of us are still carrying our umbrellas! If not sunshine, then February 'tis the season of romance'.
    No doubt, someone will post a Valentine's Day thread where members can poetically pledge their love to their heart's content - so much more than just giving a card.

    Also this month,
    the eagerly awaited event of the year - the annual WF Grand Fiction Challenge!

    This year, the prompt is 'Second Life'. Contestants have until February 14th to enter their story of up to a 1000 words. These will then be judged and marked by a team of published and respected authors for all to see.

    Prizes? You bet!
    First $50 - Second $20 - Third $10 - The People's Choice Award $20 - as well as corresponding free access to our wonderful FoWF.

    The contest is by invitation only (now you tell us). Only open to those members who have won at least one (or judged five) of WF's regular monthly fiction challenges in the previous year. So, if you don't enter the monthlies or step up to judge them, you won't have any chance of winning the big mean winning the distinguished honour of being our Grand Fiction Challenge Champion. But non-entrants can still play their part by voting for The People's Choice Award.

    Results are due at the end of the month - watch this space...

    Contests and Challenges

    LM (Literary Manoeuvres)

    A monthly fiction challenge.

    Taking a hiatus this month, due to the Grand Fiction Challenge - normal service will be resumed in March.

    Monthly Poetry Challenge

    A challenge run by the estimable Chester's Daughter. Contestants have until the 15th of each month to post a poem based upon the given prompt - this month's prompt is 'False Fronts'.
    Winners are decided by a hidden poll, open to all members. But remember, if you enter, you must vote.

    All terms and conditions can be found in the above link.

    Pip (Poets in Progress) Challenge

    The 'Poets in Progress' challenge is all about improvement and is for every skill level. Feedback is designed to give the poet the tools needed to hone their skills. The winner is not necessarily the best poem, but the most improved.

    Poets post their entries on a given theme by the 10th of the month, receive critique, and then have until the 24th to edit and improve their poem. The winner is decided by a poll open to all members.

    For further details, follow the above link.

    February Non-fiction Challenge

    Breaking news - H.Brown has just posted a non-fiction challenge on the theme of a travelogue.
    Contestants have until the 27th to post their entries, to be scored by a panel of judges - who will also offer valuable feedback on your work.

    As ever, details can be found on the challenge link.


    "January, sick and tired you've been hanging on me"
    So sang glamrockers Pilot back in 1975.

    And I think they speak for most of us - but for some of our members the year has started with a real bang!
    Opening the gold envelope........and the winner is.......

    LM (Literary Manoeuvres) -

    First, xXx with '-re: writ root'
    Joint Second, Terry D with 'The Glass Ballerina' and PiP with 'Never Bend Over Unless Absolutely Necessary'

    Monthly Poetry Challenge -

    First, Chester's Daughter with 'The Sight'
    Joint Second, Sas with 'Her Dog Was Named John' and Firemajic with 'Eyes of a Dead Man'.

    Pip (Poets in Progress) Challenge -

    Winner, TuesdayEve, with 'The Game...'

    Congratulations to all of you, up against some tough competition - I should know!

    Published Members

    Keep the drum-roll going as we unearth further talent published in January from within the WF membership.

    Neetu with "Silent Step" - a poem published in October Hill Magazine.

    TL Murphy with "Light Returns" a poem published in Wax Poetry.

    RHPeat with "Called By The Dryad To Be Her Husband" in Silver Streams

    Dale has just released a new book 'Conversations with the Divine'

    Chloe Gilholy with Clara's Llama published at 101 Words.

    Mucho kudos to all of you - carrying on the proud tradition of published WF members.

    And a special mention to those writers published during January in our splendid online magazine
    Flashes of Brilliance.

    The Giggle by Namyh - Alfred Went to War by Clark Cook - Run Away by Sas - Pushed to the Edge by Plasticweld
    My Alphabet's Pets by C. Gholy - Awareness Before Comprehension by Pulse - Peace Brother by TL Murphy -
    The Numbers That Kill You by Ned.

    Please note - don't forget to share your writing successes with us on
    Beyond the Forum


    Limelight featured two member interviews last month - Darren White and Sue C.

    As well as being very entertaining, these interviews provide a fascinating insight into the motivations and processes behind the works of fellow writers - a must-read for all us budding scribes.


    Is there a poem or story out there in WF that knocked your socks off and deserves more attention from the rest of the community?
    Then here's your chance to nominate it for Poem and Story of the Month.
    The aim is to bring more acknowledgement to the high quality work posted on WF. There are a few rules, so check out the link.

    Further to the monthly awards - a poll has been set up by James to decide the WF Writer of the Year. A list of nominated stories is provided with links to the original texts for voters to ponder on. But hurry, the poll closes on the 1st of March.

    After many years, Kilroy is stepping down as host of the monthly LM Challenge. Everyone here at WF is grateful for his long and dedicated service.
    As from March, this prestigious contest will be run by the very capable senior mentor bdcharles.

    Out and About the Forum

    Poetry Hill

    New to poetry, or simply lack the confidence to post your poems in the critiqued forums? Then take a wander up Poetry Hill where you can have your work appraised in a friendly atmosphere and receive suggestions and advice tailored to your individual style and approach.

    The aim is to build confidence and help poets find their voice in a one-to-one workshop. It is not about teaching poetry methods so much as helping each poet to work with their poem and discover their own potential.

    This fairly new section of WF is proving to be very popular and successful amongst participating members.

    Participation is by invitation. So, if you are interested, send a private message to jenthepen or PiP to find out more.

    Poetry Prompts and Word Games

    Fed up of staring at the blank page, or unable to follow up that first killer line?
    Then get the creative juices flowing at the Poetry Prompts and Word Games Forum.

    It's all just silly games in an easy-going environment with no critique other than Likes and Lols.
    So, don't wander lonely as a cloud, come and join the fun and show off your word game prowess.

    Flashes of Brilliance is WF's own online magazine. Where you can read the best poetry and fiction written by our very own members, plus interviews, features and comments. And of course, the winning entries from the WF challenges.

    So check it out and be amazed by the wealth of talent we have here at WF - and what the rest of us have to aspire to!
    And please feel free to leave comments on your favourites.

    The WF Book Store can be found in Flashes of Brilliance, where all can browse the many and varied publications of WF members.
    Fiction, poetry and non-fiction, it's all here folks!

    If you have published a book and would like it included, please PM

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...........

    So, plenty of things to get involved in and explore this month in WF - have a great February and I'll see you in March.

    Check us out on:

    Writing Forums on Twitter
    Flashes of Brilliance on Facebook
    Writing Forums on Facebook

    And your support would be most welcome as a Friend of WF, thank you.
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    Hi Ned, I LIKE YOUR Newsletter but what's with the 1940's comments?!!!?

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    Thanks Ned. I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this Newsletter. I like it but what's with the 1940'comments???!m!😏

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    1940s comments? - some would say more like 1840s comments!

    appreciate the feedback - now, good day to you Madam.....

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    I look forward to the next Newsletter in the hope it will have 1960's comments! That would be groovy!!

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    Nice newsletter!

    I tried to find Dale's book, but couldn't. There's a few titled Divine Conversations, but nothing came up as Conversations with the Divine. Can you post a link?


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    hello Jack - thank you for pointing that out -

    have posted the link to Dale's book in the published members section of the Newsletter.

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