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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealbarrie View Post
    I really like that "clear space, clear mind" vibe.
    This is only logical. Add to that a beautiful view through the window in front of you and your computer, and the experience is complete.

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    You avoid distractions if you want to avoid distractions. You write if you want to write. You feel cognitive dissonance if what you lie to yourself about what you want. I suggest keep an excuse diary and then indulging yourself in the distractions, but holding yourself accountable for it after with the result.

    Ex. 1
    I went onto social media instead of writing. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would writing.
    Ex. 2.
    I decluttered the house. It messed with my routine, and hours later the house was cluttered again.
    Ex 3.
    I took an extra shift at work. I did not enjoy it, but I admit it was a necessary sacrifice to make me not resent writing later.

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    [QUOTE=NathanielleC;2140895]Every writer gets distracted."
    Certainly true witb me. I'm extremely easily destracted when I write. I usually try to write short five minute stories as a way of helping the problem.

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    This is definitely a thread I needed to read. I've always found myself becoming distracted while I write but I've slowly found ways to help myself. People and music- or more so how I listened to my music- were my biggest obstacles to actually accomplishing goals. I "solved" my people problem when I changed roles, got more hours, and began working thirds, so most of my friends stopped talking to me because I was less available. My family are all day people as well so I get a lot of alone time on my nights off, which is convenient for an aspiring writer. Then I limited using websites like Youtube for listening to music while I write for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, nothing good ever came from becoming bored and reading comments there. Nothing... Now I use Pandora and iTunes while I write. I also monitor the genre depending on how I feel and the mood I'm conveying.
    I've found a lot of good quotes to inspire me to keep focused from this thread though, thank you all. I might consider designing a desktop background using a few of my faves so it's there to remind me when I start veering away from writing.

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    The easist way for me to avoid distraction is to set up time blocks for each day. There are things I do every single day like cleaning my apartment, yoga, exercising, writing, etc.

    But for me, I need to set it up specifically otherwise I will procrastinate and not even do anything. I always start at the top of the hour and use at least 20 minutes before I take a break. For example, 9:00-10:00 AM tomorrow is yoga on my schedule. But I rarely do it for an hour. But I make sure I do it for at least 20 minutes. Having the specific time helps me b/c if I don't, I'll end up putting it off all day and then make excuses that it's getting late or I'm tired.

    Oh and none of this works unless I get up at the same time everyday, weekends included. The time I wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day. By scheduling blocks each day, I can make sure I do what I need to do. If I finish early in that time block, I do whatever I want. But I make sure I go on to the next daily assignment at the top of the hour.

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    Just curious, what writing app do you use? I'm looking for something new.

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    I use an online app for my writing. I like it because I can quickly look at other information online very quickly. Unfortunately, that very same internet access provides an endless supply of distractions.

    Any advice on how to block out the distracting stuff and utilize the internet better for writing purposes? I can't block sites like Facebook and Pinterest entirely, because I use them as research tools as well as social media.
    Yeah, you discipline yourself to not go on the Internet for anything other than research.

    It's not that onerous.
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    Hidden Content

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    I have started to diarise my time, this enables me to be more prodductive and less distracted. But also allows me to be in the moment more, whether i am writing or if i am not.

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    There are programs that you can google and that block out distractions.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
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    Here are all the effective, useful things that I've actually implemented that help me to avoid distractions. In order:

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