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Thread: How to Avoid Distractions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unrealbarrie View Post
    I really like that "clear space, clear mind" vibe.
    This is only logical. Add to that a beautiful view through the window in front of you and your computer, and the experience is complete.

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    You avoid distractions if you want to avoid distractions. You write if you want to write. You feel cognitive dissonance if what you lie to yourself about what you want. I suggest keep an excuse diary and then indulging yourself in the distractions, but holding yourself accountable for it after with the result.

    Ex. 1
    I went onto social media instead of writing. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would writing.
    Ex. 2.
    I decluttered the house. It messed with my routine, and hours later the house was cluttered again.
    Ex 3.
    I took an extra shift at work. I did not enjoy it, but I admit it was a necessary sacrifice to make me not resent writing later.

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    [QUOTE=NathanielleC;2140895]Every writer gets distracted."
    Certainly true witb me. I'm extremely easily destracted when I write. I usually try to write short five minute stories as a way of helping the problem.

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    This is definitely a thread I needed to read. I've always found myself becoming distracted while I write but I've slowly found ways to help myself. People and music- or more so how I listened to my music- were my biggest obstacles to actually accomplishing goals. I "solved" my people problem when I changed roles, got more hours, and began working thirds, so most of my friends stopped talking to me because I was less available. My family are all day people as well so I get a lot of alone time on my nights off, which is convenient for an aspiring writer. Then I limited using websites like Youtube for listening to music while I write for obvious reasons. Surprisingly, nothing good ever came from becoming bored and reading comments there. Nothing... Now I use Pandora and iTunes while I write. I also monitor the genre depending on how I feel and the mood I'm conveying.
    I've found a lot of good quotes to inspire me to keep focused from this thread though, thank you all. I might consider designing a desktop background using a few of my faves so it's there to remind me when I start veering away from writing.

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