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Thread: How to Avoid Distractions?

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    It's funny... noise doesn't really distract me, and I can check social media and write without any real concern. However, the biggest distraction I've found lately is more about things in my house, you could say. I hate seeing clutter, like piles of paper, unused and forgotten things, and simply furniture and exercise bikes taking up so much space! I really like that "clear space, clear mind" vibe, as then I'm not thinking about how I'm up going to clean up later or think where I can put all the junk... my head is focused on the writing I'm thinking of using this and making sure all my unused and unwanted items are at least stored somewhere, and I can think about what to do with them in a few months Anyone else really anti-clutter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeko View Post
    Honestly, I don't think you have to be 'excited' all the time to write effective prose. The important thing is leaning how to stay focused when you're not excited. Be results-oriented rather than pleasure-oriented: today might be a hard day, but devote yourself to writing what you've disciplined yourself into putting out regularly and on the days you are excited you'll have more to work with, especially if you're editing anything on one of those days. And that will yield more results than waiting for the right feeling (which get more and more elusive the longer you wait).
    This might work well for you, but it doesn't work for me. There's no universal way of doing things.

    "Excited" might not be achievable every time I write, but "interested" is a must. Otherwise it ends up scrapped. And I have lots of other things I can be doing while I let works simmer. I prefer to put my time to good use. Ymmv.

    The important thing is for each of us to do what works best on a personal level, and support our friends as they do the same.

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    Here's another thought.

    If you're finding it difficult to write more of a story, shake things up a bit in your real life. Rearrange your writing area or room. Try a new sport or game. Do something out of the ordinary! Sometimes we get stuck because we're in a rut. At least that's what happens to me.

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    My 3 go to ways are:
    Put phone away ( I have even once asked my friend to hide it someplace where I wouldn't find it)
    Write with fun and beautiful stationery
    Really organize and use online resources to find out about the best way to have a draft of what i plan to write for next 2 hours

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    My english professor is a big stickler about "organic writing". He says that a story that is forced out has tell-tale signs of being forced and contrived. You might get distracted by the interwebs, but make realistic goals... Not necessarily like the rewards system, but a little bit in the way like it. So like set aside so many hours (or even minutes) to dedicate to the act of writing (or lack thereof) and if you can't feel the words coming don't force them. Everyone gets performance shyness sometime in their life. But when you do reach the goal you set out, go out and celebrate with like a pizza or ice cream or something. Obviously you can't do this for every goal, but you get the idea, right?

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    I say subscribe to a web program that costs 2.50 monthly. It blocks all websites. Consider it if the internet is distracting you. I might use it when studying becomes a prerogative or writing is a priority. I forgot the name. Look around, if you can't find it I will look for it myself. Then I will inform you if you are expressing that you are interested in such a program. But Google it and you will find it. It's cheaper that most programs. You can even time when you want the computer access back on your computer. I might have saved the link somewhere that is not in my house right now. Some university students use it so you are in good company.
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    For me I just put on some nice noise canceling headphones blast some inspirational music and go to town with my writing.
    This might not be my best work but that just means there's room to improve.

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    Use a script to block anything you find distracting. Hide it in some irritating, difficult to access folder.
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    I listen to music when writing and shut off the internet, cell phone, and television. The music enables the flow to occur, which makes the writing happen. I guess it helps to have over 100 playlists at the ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcat View Post
    I use an online app for my writing. I like it because I can quickly look at other information online very quickly. Unfortunately, that very same internet access provides an endless supply of distractions.

    Any advice on how to block out the distracting stuff and utilize the internet better for writing purposes? I can't block sites like Facebook and Pinterest entirely, because I use them as research tools as well as social media.
    You could listen some youtube mind-soothing, creation-friendly music. It will not block the distractions entirely, however you'd thus be able to balance hard work, and fun.

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