I'll Be Home When I Find It

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    I'll Be Home When I Find It


    I’ll Be Home Soon As I Find It

    Don’t know exactly where I’m going
    walkin’ the road ahead of the posse
    I got a clear memory of you moaning
    waitin’ backstage first night at the Roxy

    You weren’t sure about the crowd
    fulla crazy nerves an’ those jumpy eyes
    not sure you’d do the moment proud
    but clear as Chinese temple bells rise
    when those purple curtains parted
    everybody could tell you were fulla light
    gorgeous, smooth, but broken-hearted,
    memory seems like an eighty year old night

    Darkness’s comin’ on like a hungry panther,
    quiet, sneaky as a sudden summer rain,
    he got you on his mind too, he’s a dancer
    you better start singin’ the next refrain

    behind that grove of weepin’ willow trees
    lies the thought of how you left me behind
    got me fallin’ straight down on my knees.
    I don’t want to be too unkind, out of line
    But I got some sisters waitin’ in the rain
    we gonna sing some blues until the storm
    decides to go an’ turn itself into a hurricane
    they all got handfuls of fire to keep warm

    Holy cow!, you said,the night I left you cold
    after I pulled the cover off a treasure lode
    you didn’t even know, was all your gold
    I’m comin’ home baby, on the right road
    could you please just stop callin’ me shady
    when we walked arm in arm’s a little hazy
    we talked night to morning, into maybe
    I’ll be anything you want except for crazy

    Come on, come on, I’ll spin you round darlin’
    remember you killed me with your prancin’
    here’s that lion, inside a dream of you, snarlin’
    out in the blue, gimme a shout, we’ll go dancin’

    You can’t see me, I see your back, I’m right here
    let me just sit awhile, I been too long without you
    only thing I ask, give me time to explain it clear
    can’t do another mile, I’ll tell you now, tell it true.

    You’re still all fulla light
    no longer broken-hearted
    I sure don’t wanna fight
    look what your eyes started

    Someday baby
    make it today
    you’ll be my lady
    be my lady
    be my baby
    be my lady
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    So what happened? You hooked me...
    tried to listen in soundcloud but it’s gone

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    I think the song is good.

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    I love that last line "Look what your eyes started". Brilliant! Hard to do as in-depth of a review as I'd like because I don't have a tune and the verses/choruses are not labeled, but I think I've got it figured out. Also please re-up the soundcloud link! I'd love to hear the tune! Overall, pretty good from what I can glean here.


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