I Recommend this book for wring short stories or novels

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Thread: I Recommend this book for wring short stories or novels

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    I Recommend this book for wring short stories or novels

    Written by someone who went to northwestern (#1 creative writing program in the USA). It introduces the craft and then gives exercises in each section. You can then create or make up fill in the blanks such as show and tell. It gives examples, and you must do each and every exercise in each section to improve. It also explains some of John Gardner's theories.

    It has a bad title. Too generic a title. I own it on kindle. It only has a 1 star review from one person.

    Here's the link.


    She is a writing teacher also teaching creative writing at a university. It was recommended in a book I bought by John Dufrense. Who teaches at florida international university. It gives examples on craft such as conflict very well defined. For example othello's conflict, is a weakness of something taking advantage of his jealousy as a inner conflict. Then she explains conflict of stories is all internal and gives an exercise. Order it on paperback. I recommend it.
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