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    WiFs 35 - WF News (December 2017)

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    Our final WiFs of 2017 is jammed full of member news, so pull up a chair, chillax and make yourself comfortable as you explore different areas of WF and beyond.

    A newsletter can only be maintained with help from all of our members. So if you have any writing successes, interviews, open mic nights videos, book signings, radio or TV appearances etc. please don't hesitate to send me a PM or share to Beyond the Forum.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteer staff for their continued support. They do an amazing job and work tirelessly behind the scenes and front of house to make WF a friendly and supportive community. If you are a new member or are still lurking and undecided whether to register, please remember: WF is not just a faceless forum we are a community, a writing family.

    Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions or concerns.

    End of year message from Sam

    Another year has come and gone, and yet another brings promises of better days ahead, but here in the land of WF, the continued success of our community is the number-one goal of the owners and staff of this fine forum. 2017 has been a year of ups and downs for everyone, and life on-line is no different. We watched long-time servants depart, and veteran members leave, but we've also welcomed new blood and celebrated the return of a number of WF stalwarts. In amongst all of the toil and trouble, we've had another successful year as one of the best writing forums on the Internet.

    None of that would be possible without the owners, senior and junior staff, and the many volunteers who work behind the scenes for free to keep WF running smoothly, but most importantly you, the members. Some of the best work we've ever seen has been posted this year, and the level of community critique is arguably at an all-time high, but what heartens me the most is the many and varied discussions happening in the Writing Discussion boards. Here, the ideas and research knowledge of our veteran posters are being harnessed by the next generation of writers. I often wonder how much faster I would have progressed had I been privy to such experience when I begun writing twenty-two years ago this May.

    I would like to thank a few people in general, who've both stepped up to and been a regular at the plate. TerryD and J Anfinson, for coming out of retirement and assuming the role of Supervisors once more. Thank you, gentlemen, for all your hard work. PiP, for taking the plate and pretty much hitting a home run every time. Gumby, for being wise and fair beyond all our ages combined. Cran, for being the kind of owner a forum like this needs. RCallaci, for being the voice of reason when all others were too busy shouting loudly. All of the staffers; the chief mentors; the media managers; the global and board moderators; the mentors; and every volunteer who puts in long hours free of charge. And, again, most importantly, all of the members, without whom there wouldn't be a forum to run. Thank you all.

    On a personal note, 2017 was a very difficult year for me. I've been ill for the latter part of it, but it was exacerbated by some hard-to-swallow losses in the former months. As a result, I tendered my resignation as administrator in August, as some may have noticed, but did a U-turn and returned in October. Neither of these decisions were made hastily, but WF has a special place in my heart and I didn't hesitate to say yes when I was asked to step back into the fold. It's this love of the community that inspires me to continue doing what I can to help make WF the best it can be. I don't do these things alone. The successes we've had in recent years are down to a fantastic owner in Cran, the best administration I've ever worked with, and the finest staffers on the Internet. Indeed, that many of those successes are never revealed to the membership is proof enough of how much we, the staff, care about you guys. We don't do this for recognition; we do it for you.

    So on that note, I wish each and every member of WF a great and wonderful 2018. May it live up to all of our expectations.

    Go raibh maith agut.


    Member News

    Moderan aka Duane Pesice has now published 'Test Patterns (Volume 1)'

    Test Patterns is a collection of short speculative fictions written with classic television shows such as The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and The Night Gallery in mind. Richly varied stories which might impart a moral, inspire thought, offer meaning, inspire hope, or instill dread. Tales told in unique ways, employing provocative twists and surprises, and exploring the universal themes of humanity and self-discovery through the lenses of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and the weird."

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    Clicky here


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    On Dec. 28th, WF Member
    Mike Kowis (Mikeyboy_esq) was interviewed via FB Live by author Sharon C. Jenkins about his latest book, a self-publishing guide called 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book. The interview was fun, and it was Mike’sfirst time to participate in a FB Live event.

    Here are a few sentences from the interview:
    "In Step 2 of my book, I talk about creating a business. A lot ofpeople don’t think about that as an author. They are just trying to becreative, and that’s the fun part, right? But they don’t think about the business end of it. At the end of theday, you are going to spend money and time [to write a book]. So you want to atleast earn your money back so that you can afford to do another one."

    LINK: https://www.facebook.com/SharoncJenk...5982430426100/

    Congrats to Phil Istine

    Phil Istine
    I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet, but I want to share the following. It wouldn't have happened were it not for this forum.

    I go out and about to creative writing groups fairly regularly. Unfortunately, the best one I've found so far is about 30 miles away. It's a lovely atmosphere and there are some experienced and very accomplished writers who go there. Whenever I've joined in with an open mic session, I've often suffered from "follow that" syndrome, assuming that my work is inferior because - well, because I'm me (hope that makes sense).

    Once a year, they have a 250-word flash fiction competition and a published writer judges it. To ensure fairness, the writers' names are on a cover sheet, separate from the piece.

    It's the first time I've entered anything outside this forum, and I only went and bloody won it. I only saw the email about an hour ago.
    I think the word is Gobsmacked

    Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist

    RH Peat with "Called by the Dryad" in Silver Streams

    Please don't forget to share your success on >Beyond the Forum<

    Out and about around the forum. What's new?

    Coming Soon!


    As part of the media team's initiative to promote the work of our talented members, we will now be including a 'Featured' Artist' on Flashes of Brilliance. This will not be an interview more a virtual gallery of their creative works. (Painting, sculpture, photography, all things visual made by our members.)

    Only work posted to our Visual Arts forum will be considered .

    The media team will be watching ... so please get posting

    Poet of the Month (NEW!!)

    James 剣 斧 血: To kick off 2018 I will be hosting a new award: Poet of the Month.

    In comparison to the poetry challenges set forward to you, this award is more in your hands. Each month I will be opening a nomination thread where you can tell us what pieces you think deserve a bit of extra recognition. Once the nomination period is up we will go to a vote, where you will all be able to choose which of the pieces nominated in the past month deserve to win Poet of the Month for their author.

    The winner will receive a WF POTM award and come next year will be entered into a Poet of the Year vote alongside all of the other winners.

    Two questions I'm expecting...

    Can I nominate a piece from one of the poetry challenges?

    Yes, BUT the piece must have it's own thread. If you wish to nominate a piece that is in a thread with works by multiple authors I suggest you kindly ask the author if they could make a thread for the piece in the normal poetry board. If they say no then it's a loss for them.

    Can I nominate a workshop piece?

    No. All pieces entered must be visible to everyone who visits the forum. You may, again, ask the author if they would consider making a thread in the normal poetry board. However, as workshop pieces may be works in progress or may be being kept private for future publication, the author may well say no.

    There are more specific rules in the first nomination thread, January 2018 Nominations, and similar discussion and proposals in the original writer of the month thread.

    Since this is new feel free to ask any further questions here or send me message.

    The Poetry Hill

    The Poetry Hill is a haven where poets who are still discovering their own poetic potential can have their work appraised in an atmosphere of friendly discussion and receive suggestions and ideas tailored to their individual style and approach.

    The aim is to build confidence and help the new poet find his or her voice in a one-to-one workshop. It is not about teaching poetry methods so much as helping each poet to work with their poem and discover their own potential.

    Participation is by invitation. If you are interested, send a private message to jenthepen or PiP to find out more.

    Out and about around the forum


    Writer and Story of the Month

    The Writer and Story of the Month is not a WF structured challenge. There are no prompts or scoring rubrics involved. Polls may be used to refine or select finalists for WF media publication. Selected works may earn the Pulitzer or similar award.

    The aim of W+SotM is to bring more acknowledgement to the high quality work posted on WF. There are few rules:

    Winning writers will receive a Story of the Month award. Reviewers may receive a Star Critter/similar award.

    'Writer and Story of the Month' for November was Pluralized with Back Of The Line

    Who will you nominate for the month of December?
    Please post your nominations as soon as possible >> HERE <<

    Contests and Challenges

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    LM (Literary Maneuvers),

    A monthly fiction challenge
    How does it work?

    • Anyone may suggest a theme regardless of how long they've been apart of the community.
    • To do so, you’d post your suggestion into the LM Coffee Shop thread.
    • The voting will begin according to schedule and the theme with the most votes is the prompt for the next competition.
    • Next write your story and post your story into the current month’s competition thread, located here. If you wish to post anonymously, you send your story to the person hosting the month’s competition and they’ll post it for you.
    • If you wish to maintain all rights to your story, you would post it in the workshop thread, which looks almost exactly as the regular thread but is located here. You’d then post a link to your story in the main competition thread.
    • The month's competition ends on the 14th of the given month.
    • Your entry is scored by a panel consisting of four judges. They score your story and write a review.

    November's challenge: I Could See Them Coming

    First place: Roac with Superheroes
    Second place: MacDub with Hindsight
    Third place: Joshybo with Thy will be Done

    December's Challenge: He's Way Too Young For Me

    Winner: Pluralized with The Boys
    Second: Godofwine with Sailor Blues and AstroAnnie with Chicken
    Third: MacDub with How a Christmas Tradition Began

    January's Challenge: Never Bend Over

    Winners of the LM challenge will receive a free one month FoWF subscription. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.


    Monthly Poetry Challenge

    How does it work?
    There will be a poetry challenge each month, with two weeks to submit entries followed by ten days to cast votes.

    December's Prompt was Christmas Reservation(s)

    Winners are:
    Ned with Nativity
    Firemajic with Give Me This Wish, I Wish Tonight

    of the Poetry challenge will receive a free one month FoWF subscription, and will have the honor of selecting next month's prompt. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.

    Pip (Poets in Progress) Challenge

    The 'Poets in Progress' challenge is about improvement and is for every skill level. Judges' critique and feedback is designed to give the poet the tools needed to hone their skills and improve their work. The winner is not the best poem but the most improved

    The prompt for December was: Cinquain
    Winner is Ned with Snowfall on Varteg Hill

    of the Pip challenge will also receive a free one month FoWF subscription, and will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.

    The Poets in progress challenge is completely renewed. Read everything about it in Firemajic's post >> HERE <<

    Are you up to the challenge?
    January's Pip challenge: Poet's choice with the focus on Alliteration

    Further information >> HERE <<

    WF BookStore

    When was the last time you checked the shelves of the WF BookStore?
    Please support our members and check out their books.

    Reminder: If you have published a book and would like it included please contact James 剣 斧 血 with details.

    Flashes of Brilliance

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    Flashes of Brilliance
    is WF's own online magazine. Three times a week you can read here the best poetry, fiction, written by our very own writers, and interviews with published WF authors. The winners of the diverse WF challenges will be published, as well as the best autors of the workshops and the open boards.
    So check regularly, and leave a comment for the authors.

    Publications in December

    Plasticweld with I'm Turning Into My Grandpa
    clark with Why Poets Don't Study Phenomenology
    Darren White with Fading
    VonBradstein with The Sea
    Raevenlord with with Technical Support
    TuesdayEve with God Bless The Universe
    Gerdun with Secrecy of Sin
    Andrew 78 with We Can't
    Roac with The Inevitable End


    WF Member Author Interviews

    Our latest interview is with WF member Bayview
    (Cate Cameron).
    A fiction writer from Canada - also published a
    s Kate Sherwood and Catherine Dale across several genres. Better known to WF members as Bayview, her picture is a sketch by an artist for her author image.
    Cate's new book 'The Billionaire's Forever Family' is due out on December 4th.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Limelight (member interviews)

    A new year and a new host. Schrody hangs up her hostess robes and we welcome a new host onto the Limelight stage. But before we do, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Schrody for her hard work as hostess and bringing her own unique style to the Limelight interviews.

    I am pleased to announce the show will continue to rock into 2018 with a new host and new interview format. Please welcome Plasticweld (Bob) as our new host.. I am confident he will make an excellent host, thank you, Bob!

    Who will be Bob's first victim?

    Who would you like Bob to interview?


    Please don't forget to check us out on:

    Writing Forums on Twitter
    Flashes of Brilliance on Facebook
    Writing Forums on Facebook

    Please don't forget to support WF by becoming a Friend of WF, thank you.
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