Need Beta readers for my Novella (24k Words)
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Thread: Need Beta readers for my Novella (24k Words)

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    Need Beta readers for my Novella (24k Words)

    Is there anyone that can read my latest novella Joshua Clark & The Gray Authors? Is a novella even worthy of a read?
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    Of course it’s worthy. What is the genre?

    What would you like to see on the jacket cover to attract a reader?


    Okay, I’ve seen your other posts on thie novella’s subject matter...sorry, I don’t think I could help.

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    Silence is the most difficult feedback to have. It leaves the writer clueless. Therefore, I have posted a few notes on your first chapter. I hope it helps.

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    Sure, I'd be willing to give it a read.
    Send it to
    Word or PDF (or epub if you want).


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