Pasting documents here from Word gives a lot of problems. I posted this elsewhere too, but I'll repeat it here, as a reminder...

How to paste Word documents into WF

You will have noticed that WF will remove important links and other information from your documents. And that it glues words together.
There is a way to solve the problem, it is mentioned in THE NEW MEMBER FAQs, but it may be handier to explain in more detail with some screenshots added.

A. Advanced Mode

  1. To be able to use Word documents in WF, the WF frame where you paste your document in, needs to be in Advanced Mode;
  2. When starting a new thread you are by default in Advanced Mode;
  3. When replying to a thread however, you need to start Advanced Mode before doing anything else.


B. Activate Word-Mode.

Now click the ‘Activate Word’ icon.


When that is done, you can paste your Word-document.

C. Depending on your browser you MIGHT get to see the frame below:


If that is the case, paste your document in the Pop-up box, and then click ‘OK’.

D. That’s it ..... almost.

Now this feature solves almost all problems, but not all:

  1. Sometimes some code, or links will still be messed up, it might be that you need to fix them again afterwards;
  2. Lists with numbers or bullets need to be checked to see if they show up well;
  3. Also, pictures and photos will NOT be included, you will have to add those manually afterwards.

So it is always advisable to closely read your work before hitting the ‘Submit Reply’ button.

That’s all folks, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, and I will help as good as I can.