The Poeming Pigeon's Open Call for Poetry (Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018)

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Thread: The Poeming Pigeon's Open Call for Poetry (Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018)

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    The Poeming Pigeon's Open Call for Poetry (Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018)

    The Poeming Pigeon is a literary journal of poetry published (print) every 8 months. Each issue has a unique theme. We are now accepting submissions for our 7th issue. Contributors are compensated with a free copy of the book and have an opportunity to pre-order additional copies at a discount. We accept submissions from both established and emerging writers, from anywhere in the world.

    "In the News" ISSUE:

    Poetry is more popular than ever as writers are moved to raise their voices in reaction to the chaos found in today's headlines. Whether it's an unpopular president, climate change, record-breaking storms, gun-violence, sex-trafficking, religious wars, gay rights, human rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, or the latest celebrity gossip, there's a multitude of news stories to enrage and inspire. This is your chance to have your voice and your viewpoint heard (read) on the pages of our literary journal--The Poeming Pigeon.
    "In the News" Issue scheduled for release in Summer 2018.

    Submission Period: Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018

    More details at or email [email protected]

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    Just putting this here. No problem with my piece being rejected, but if indeed (as it stated in the rejection notice) you were intending to put together a collection of social justice poetry, this implies a particular perspective on these topics, rather than the topics themselves being the theme. Knowing that I would not have submitted. For the future, if there is indeed an ideological filter or thrust involved, then you should state a much up front, so as not to waste people's time. Only posting this here so that others on this forum can be made aware of how that went down.
    You can never hate something so thoroughly as that which destroys what you love, and who is more guilty of this crime than the stranger who was once a lover?


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