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    Favorite: Horror or dark fantasy. I've always had a habit of looking at everything around me and imagining the worst. It's good to be able to release those visions in an entertaining and healthy way.

    Least favorite: Essays or nonfiction articles. I get bored.

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    Favorite is Fantasy, but I also like to write detective novels. I would think writing a straight romance novel would be a pain, but I don't mind writing romance into my stories that have a grander scale.
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    Favorite: historical, preferably drama. Until they invent the time machine, this is the closest I'll get to explore the good ol' days.

    Least favorite (of the genres I've tried): romantic comedy. Though I appreciate a good comedy, cross-breeding it with romance makes my skin crawl. (That said, I don't look down on those who enjoy this genre what so ever.)

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    I like science fiction the most. But because I do not have the resources to constantly research, I will wait and save up money for that. I am switching to fantasy. I read a few of sfwa's blogs and now have a better idea of what to expect. I want to make a statement about the world. I can get awesome ideas if I had the research but the internet is not enough for my ambitions. Research journals according to sfwa are the best sources of cutting-edge research. So I could wait until I have the funds which won't be until my next birthday to write science fiction the way I want to.

    I am reading novels for inspiration for fantasy. So that is what I am focusing on.

    Romance I like the least and horror. I also like weird fiction. Mystery and thriller, need to read on that but generally havent read many. I like it is a popular genre in Britain especially the detective mystery. Thrillers, as in crime drama, don't know what to think.
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    Favourite: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Romance
    Least favourite: Suspense

    Being a sci-fi fanatic for most of my life, I find it easy to put stories together in certain fictional universes. Same goes with fantasy, as it's carte blanche to a writer, and is also the most enjoyable.

    I would have put romance in the least favourite category, had I not written a few of them in the past couple of years. I like to branch out to a certain point, but not too far. On the other hand, suspense is something I just cannot make work, nor do I enjoy it. Not my cup of tea.

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    I write and write and genres I like all and of course fiction is my cup of tea since I always love wandering in a realm of imagination and yes my imagination often goes wilder and wilder reaching the farthest recesses of my day-to-day realities and I wish I were a great fiction writer. I love reading novels, short stories and even dramas though writing dramas has been almost an old fashion. Fiction of all kinds, fantasies or based on real dramas of life or historical are my best choices if I can write them. Yet at the back of my mind I am sure I cannot succeed in those domains and writing fiction demands a great deal of skill and particularly when it comes to characterization I get lost and be nowhere in my performance. That is why I am now into writing nonfiction and mainly I write on spirituality, economic and philosophic realms. I do love writing poems and since poetry is a domain that does not demand a lot of expertise.

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    For me, picking one genre that is my favourite would be difficult. I tend to write stories based on the inspiration at the time and the genre comes out in the story. However, if I did have to pick I would say I tend to focus more on science fiction and suspense writing but I have dabbled into various types of drama fiction and even romance (albeit my romance story was based on an old distraught character who had lost his lifelong love).

    My least favourite would have to be mystery, simply because I have no idea how to come up with that type of story. I am always amazed with the twists and turns that some mystery authors can come up with.

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    My favorite would be thriller. I just love thrillers and find them easier to write in terms of structure, since a lot of them follow a similar tight structure. Drama I like too, but find it a lot harder to write. I like comedies, but and I've been told I'm funny and should write one, but I cannot make a story funnier. Sure I have good funny lines in real life, but cannot find a way to come up with a plot to fit the humor. But maybe I could if I wanted to write that genre a lot more.

    I guess my least favorite would be comedy then. I like them, but don't like writing them.

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