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    Forum News - WiFs 34 (November Newsletter)


    Are you sitting comfortably? The November Newsletter is here for you to explore and read. The latest publications by WF members; challenge winners; author interviews, and more.

    Remember, a newsletter can only survive with help of all of you. So if you have any writing successes, outside interviews, open mic night videos, YouTube channels. Or if you come across something worth mentioning, please don't hesitate to send me (Darren White) a PM.

    Member News

    Published Poetry

    Neetu with "Soaring Flames" in NY Literary Magazine "Tears" Dark Poetry Anthology
    also: Nov. 2017, ten
    poems in a new Anthology, Poetic Imagination, CANCYP Publications (Toronto, Canada)

    Astroannie with "the map" and "for the defense" in #5 SWITCH Poetry/Prose magazine

    RH Peat with "YOU" and "I Lost You On The Train To Emptiness" in Crosswinds Poetry Journal, for the 2018 Crosswinds Annual Poetry contest.

    Published Prose

    Summer/fall appearances so far. "Cat and Mouse" is in Weirdbook Annual #1.
    "Looking for Ghosts" is in both Test Patterns Teaser and the upcoming Test Patterns.
    "Parchment" and "malone" are in The Best of Dark Legacy, Volume Two.
    "Eddies" is in Innsmouth Tales.

    "The Billionaire's Forever Family" in Entangled Publishing.

    "Midnight Seller", in:"

    Please don't forget to share your success on >> Beyond the Forum <<

    Flashes of Brilliance

    Flashes of Brilliance is platform to showcase the best of our membersí creative works.

    We are always looking for well-crafted short fiction (under 2000 words), poetry and visual art.

    Submissions:For more information please contact: Darren White

    FoB publications:

    Neetu with The Pragmatist
    Firemajic with Phantom Pain
    sas with He Could Never Learn Chess Or Solitaire
    HarperCole with Resistance of Memory
    RH Peat with Like A Comet: She Is Distance

    Mrmustard615 with Miss Belstrudel's Crazy Day
    Rubisco with Monkey See Monkey Do
    Rcallaci with When The Mud Dries
    SueC with Where's Danny Boy

    Out and about around the forum. What's new?

    The Mentor Prose Workshop

    Guy Faukes has revived the Mentor Prose Workshop:

    "Welcome to's first Mentor-run prose workshop (formerly the Monthly Mentor's Challenge)! Here, you can hone and exercise your literary skills by writing a piece (800 words max) centered around a prompt. Our mentors will then review and discuss your piece. Authors are encourage to respond to mentor comments. We then encourage forum members to discuss each other's works. There will be no official scoring and any member of WF can participate (even Mentors!)."

    This month's subject is >> Tropes, tropes, tropes <<

    The Poetry Hill
    (invite only)

    Since opening its doors just a month ago The Poetry Hill has proved extremely popular with our novice poets.


    "This is a space for members who are just starting out on their poetic journey. The aim is to build confidence and help the new poet find his or her voice in a one-to-one workshop. It is not about teaching poetry methods so much as helping each poet to work with their poem and discover their own potential."
    Participation is by invitation. If you are interested, send a pm to jenthepen or PiP to find out more.

    The Red Light room (invite or request only)

    Strictly Adults Only. Rated R18+. An invite only forum for WRITERS of erotica, erotic fiction etc. This forum allows for explicitly graphic works (poetry and fiction) which should be treated sensitively and with respect. If this is your genre please contact rcallaci or PiP for further details.

    Writer of the Month

    The Writer of the Month project is not a WF structured challenge. There are no prompts or scoring rubrics involved. Polls may be used to refine or select finalists for WF media publication. Selected works may earn the Pulitzer or similar award.

    If there is a challenge, it is aimed at the reviewers or critics of nominated works. Selected reviews may be quoted in WF media platforms, and may earn the reviewer or critic the Star Critter or similar award. Only quality quotable reviews or critiques of eligible works will be considered.The idea is to encourage members to bring the best works posted in the open Prose forums to broader attention and appreciation.

    Read more

    Winners for the month October are:
    Winston with: Where Boats Go to Die
    VonBradstein with: The Present (withdrawn)

    Who will you nominate for November ? Please post your nominations >> here <<

    WF BookStore

    When was the last time you checked the shelves of the WF BookStore? Please support our members and check out their books.

    Reminder: If you have published a book and would like it included please contact James 剣 斧 血 with details.

    Contest- and Challenge Winners for November 2017

    LM Challenge Monthly Fiction challenge

    Picture Prompt

    Winner: Godofwine with his story The Chase
    Second: Guy Faukes with his tale Of All the Possibilities
    Third: SueC with Up
    Third: Ned with Graven Image
    Third: Nathan Brazil with The Promise of Pleasure

    Check next months challenge >> He's way too young for me <<
    Write your story, and join in. The more the merrier.

    Non-Fiction challenge

    October Challenge: Troubled times...
    Winner: SueC, Tough Times.

    Monthly Poetry Challenge

    Magic Jesus Fingers

    Phil Istine with [conversion]
    Sas with Run Away

    Both poets will receive, a free one month FoWF subscription, and have the honor of selecting next month's prompt. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance

    Next month's prompt is: Christmas Reservation(s)

    Pip (Poets' in Progress) Challenge

    Purple Pip Challenge: A-Z
    Congratulations to November's winner C.Gholy with Mr Alphabet's Pets

    The Poets' in Progress challenge is rather unique in that the winner of the Pip is not the best poem but the most improved. This means that the novice poet can compete against the best and still win!

    December's prompt is >> Cinquain <<

    Guest Author Interview

    TKent interviewed >> G.D. Penman <<

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	gdpenman.jpg 
Views:	55 
Size:	26.2 KB 
ID:	20271

    "G.D. Penman writes about queer monsters for a living. He is the author of The Year of the Knife (Meerkat Press), Heart of Winter (forthcoming from Meerkat Press), Call Your Steel (Azure Spider Publications), Apocrypha, and others. He is also a full-time freelance writer and has ghost-written more than 50 books on a wide variety of subjects, although of course he canít tell you what any of them are. He lives in Scotland with his partner and children, some of whom are human. In those precious few moments when he isnít writing or parenting, he enjoys watching cartoons, playing games, reading more books than should logically fit into a week and complaining about his diet."

    WF Member Author Interviews

    Ned interviewed >> Susan Coleman (SueC) <<

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_20171119-104155.jpg 
Views:	3 
Size:	48.2 KB 
ID:	20272

    The interview is an incredible, especially the part about a disastrous attempt to publish is a must-read for everyone who is on the verge of (self-)publishing.

    Here are a few sentences from the interview:
    "I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I left when I married, at nineteen. In the following ten years, I lived in two different states and had four children. Eventually, we lived in seven different states. My education includes pre-nursing and paralegal studies, with an occasional creative writing class. I currently live in Overland Park, Kansas and have been here since 2015, when I retired from working life. I have written fiction most of my life; published one story, Gone Visiting, in 1993, in the now-discontinued Dogwood Tales magazine".


    This month's Schrody interviewed Folcro

    A little bit about him:
    "My name's Matt. I was born and raised on Long Island and wish I lived closer to New York City. Lots of booty there. My favorite color is purple. I'm a cat person; if I see a cat in a movie, I prefer not to watch that movie in case something might happen to the cat. I failed every psychological exam I've ever taken. Video games have inspired my writing more than any other medium combined. I don't read enough. I love people, but don't always show it. I'm a political isolationist."
    Read the complete interview >> HERE <<

    Please don't forget to check us out on:

    Writing Forums on Twitter
    Flashes of Brilliance on Facebook
    Writing Forums on Facebook

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    Thanks, Darren, and congratulations to all the others whose work has been published.
    When there's nothing left to say, say nothing at all.


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