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    I also don't really understand the psychology behind wanting a writer's signature. If it's about having a personal connection with them, that's what a book is, if you think about it - you do not need a lazy signature. If it's about them writing your name and a requested note and acting like they care about it, that seems like nothing but junk food for the ego.
    It also feeds the collector's market, which is a real thing in some circles. I sell autographed books from my facebook page from time-to time, at huge markup. Heh. Actually I just charge for the books and shipping. I only have a few at this point but they have a little demand.
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    If it is an author of some note, do not have them make a personal remark to you; or, use your name. Just get them to sign. Potentially worth more, unless you are famous or infamous.

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    I always thought it would be funny to sign books the way my high school chemistry teacher used to sign yearbooks: He had a stamp that read "To my favorite student of all time..."
    Kids used to line up to get his cynical stamp in their books.

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    Yeah, I guess to me it's strange as well. I mean when you read you imagine the author, characters, etc. in a certain way and it was always strange to me when I see them in person. (the authors) I feel like that when I read a book first and then see the movie, it's always strange.

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