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    Second Thoughts

    Entitlement and expectation,
    contamination of festive cheer!
    A reservation of half the cash,
    to splash out on more needy folk,
    might soak up guilt and stoke the bank
    of goodly deeds that I have done…

    ...but then, I’ve little more than they
    and there are those with much more pay,
    whose partying would suffer less
    by handing over hard-earned cash.
    I’ll gladly donate more next year
    but now I need to order beer.

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    Give Me This Wish, I wish Tonight

    Cheap cardboard angel
    blind eyes and dirty wings
    impaled on top of the Christmas tree
    oblivious to ravished wrapping paper
    spangled bows and ribbons
    crushed boxes and cheap toys

    Under my red blanket
    I am invisible
    hidden from lascivious eyes
    protected from predatory stares
    that stab me in the back
    exposing the knobs of my spine
    like a broken string of pearls

    Curled under my blanket
    I pretend I am a Christmas angel
    made of cardboard that does not bruise
    safe in the sanctuary of the tree
    hidden in the dark boughs

    Blind me to the eyes
    that rape me
    protect me from dirty fingers
    that probe my innocent vulnerability
    leaving filthy prints on my thighs

    Cowering under my red blanket
    with shattered spine
    and eyes that weep dirty pearls
    I wish I was that angel
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    And did we cross
    that eternal rift with his gift
    of presence

    for what was lost
    in all our innocence?

    Lain amongst the fodder
    the harbinger of love

    reaches above
    to grasp his mother's
    ringless finger.

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