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Thread: Bit of help - writing an article for a business

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    Bit of help - writing an article for a business

    Hello guys & gals

    I am wondering if someone would be so generous as to give me a tad bit of help. I do write. But this is a bit of a quandary for me. You see I am an employee at a new business & management asked me [being more local than them] to write something up for the local paper.

    I thought it a "no brainer". But then what I think is obviously interesting comes from working in the field. I need outside options. I am looking for options on what catches the attention - the keywords, empathise, theme, etc. - of a news article you read about a new business.

    I am not asking you to write it - unless of course you want to lol - but for a business opened earlier than all others of the same in town, located on a major bus terminal/close to downtown, and offering a number of services what is to be "empathised" in a way.

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    Much will depend on how much space will be available for the article in the paper. Is it a paid add your company is buying, or are you working with the paper on a piece for the business section? If it is the later, the paper may be able to help you. Or, are you writing a press release to be sent to the paper for possible inclusion? If it's a press release you want, some good advice can be found here.

    Good luck
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    Terry - thanks. Likely a press release. They want to do an advert - easy enough. It's the press release that it giving me issues.

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    Most PR writing isn’t very creative and has no need to be. The main priority, besides good SPAG, is clarity of message and accuracy of detail.

    I️ sounds like you are pretty much winging this - would that be fair to say? If so, then do not try to make it unique or cast any of your own identity into it. Avoid any semblance of creativity and go for the most generic and simplest style you can.

    There are certain buzzwords that generally score high marks in this kind of thing. Words like “community”, “local”, etc. Stick to those words and don’t try to be clever.

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    Who?, what?, where?, when?, and why? are always good questions to ask in such a case. Answer those, and your problem may well solve itself. Press kits are usually longer versions of ad copy.
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    There is a style of writing with a lot of pretty adjectives and adverbs that is designed to look good. The exceptional company is wonderfully located in the charming downtown, where it provides unique services to its happy customers. I hate that style, but it gets used. Do they want that?
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