Looking for a Beta reader for Sci-Fi novel
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Thread: Looking for a Beta reader for Sci-Fi novel

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    Exclamation Looking for a Beta reader for Sci-Fi novel

    Hi guys!
    I have written a 60,000 word Science Fiction novel and I'm looking for people to read it and give me feedback No, I'm not looking for free editing, I just simply want to know whether people like the story and if they don't, why not!

    It is a story of dictating human life and how dangerous powers beyond our control can be.

    Let me know if you are interested, it would be greatly appreciated! It is the first of a planned series and I am super excited about it, so it would be great to get some feedback.


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    Hi Fiona. I'm the mentor for beta reading activities. Personally I have another story to read at present and am behind schedule on looking at that, so I can't look at your work just now but maybe someone else will offer.

    As you are a brand new member I hope that you are also going to post comments on other people's work in the creative forums in order to get full membership. We are a mutually helpful community so we hope that every member will give as good as they get. Critical reading by experienced readers is a very valuable service, so please pitch in with posts elsewhere. The more that you get involved with us the more likely it is that someone will help you with this item and give you some worthwhile feedback. You only need ten posts, which isn't many, to get full membership and then you will also have access to more forums not visible to non-members.

    So, welcome to our community, get involved, get to know us better and share your thoughts on our efforts with us.
    Do you have any feedback to give about beta reading? If so see HERE.

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