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    Odd, I tried to buy a copy (since it's listed as being free) and got this message:

    Ralph Rotten, the Kindle Store on is for UK customers only. To shop for titles available for your country, please visit

    Dunno why I got this. I sell books in UK, AU...

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    go into the url and change to .com and you'll be able to buy. 2.99 US. I have one

    It's here! Test Patterns.
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    Oh, look, someone reviewed your book. What a coincidence!

    Liked the story, loved the way your narrator spoke with a whole Conan the Barbarian kind of voice. It had an authentic feel to it. But you really need to get it edited to clean up a lot of the simple mistakes. You should read it aloud and you will pick up the grammatical errors.

    For formatting, I'd make a new cover. is a great place to buy really solid artwork for only about $7 a pic. Change the font too (you can buy custom fonts as well.) Interior formatting: If you are using MSWORD, under paragraph formatting there is a checkbox for "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style". You wanna check that box so your text fits together without gaps.

    Last critique: dump the epilogue. You don't need it, you told the story just fine without it. I really did like the story and the old-timey way that your narrator talked. I could imagine her running around in deerskins and dirt. It was easy to imagine the world she lived in.

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    Oh, one more thing: Last page of the story is where you add a link for people to review your book.

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