Lord Frieza (part 1)

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    Lord Frieza (part 1)

    After our rebirth in Lab X and once the experimentations on my twin sister and I were completed, we were ready to serve our new master. We were a genetically reengineered Saiyan of the warrior race. I had the ability to fuse with my two blaster pistols, and shoot my chi energy from them. Except the chi blasts I fired were twice as powerful than that of a normal Saiyan.
    My twin sister Xeda shot chi blasts from a canon that sprung out from her back, and it would latch onto her shoulder as a chi grenade launcher. Our people had become enslaved to an alien race, and their supreme leader was an alien who went by the name of Frieza. A name that rung terror across the entire universe whenever it was mentioned.
    He was a conqueror of worlds and destroyed many planets during his raids for ultimate conquest throughout the galaxy. We all hated him but had no way to escape our predicament. My creator, a man whom I simply know as my father— was instructed by Frieza himself to create us. Frieza wanted to spread his reign all over the galaxy, and needed more powerful soldiers to do it.
    Once my father had finished creating us he came up with a plan. Initially our purpose was to be amongst Frieza’s Royal Guards, but we were to later betray him. We were supposed to gain his trust, and then when he lets down his guard our job was to kill him.
    “Quickly my son. You need to get ready. Our Lord, Frieza, is here and is aware of your awakening. He has already met your twin sister Xeda and was quite impressed. She is now a part of his Royal Guards. We must do the same with you.” He said.
    I layed on the operating table motionless. Which he then quickly fixed by injecting me with some sort of stimulant. Then I started glancing around the empty shallow room I was being kept in. Everything was metallic and there were no lights, except for the low glow of the head bulbs on my operating table that were pointing down at me.
    “You and your sister are my greatest success story.” He said. I could tell my father was very proud. He kept staring at me with a newly found expression of satisfaction. His gloomy visage was covered by his oversized glasses. His cheekbones were round, and he had a five o'clock shadow. He also kept his long dark hair in a pony tail.
    “Your name is Metal. You won’t remember much of your former life, because we have deleted all of your memories. Frieza wants perfect soldiers, without any ties or impairing bonds to humanity.” As my father got done saying this, one of his colleagues, a dark and stubby man with a lab coat on— peeked his head through the front door.
    “Hey boss, Lord Frieza is here and he wants to take a look at the new weapon”
    “Dammit. I thought we had more time! Ah to hell with it. I guess we have no other choice but to proceed with our plans. Alright, let him know we are preparing for his arrival.” My father replied. He looked frustrated and overwhelmed.
    The other man walked off and slammed the door shut. Then my father walked back over to me, reached his hand over the table and with the quick press of some buttons, brought it to an upright position. So that I was facing the front door.
    “Metal you may have already figured this out about your memories. But although you may not know who you are, you’re still fully aware of who I am. And you know all about our people, and about everything that’s happening.” He was sweating and kept rubbing his face.
    “Listen i’ve secretly downloaded some very important information about a certain plan inside your hard drive. Don’t worry about it right now, you can access them at a later time.” After he finished relaying all of this to me, we both suddenly heard a noise. And when we looked in its direction we noticed that the front door was open.
    Standing at the doorway was the silhouette of a person, which had a very menacing presence. We very quickly realized who it was. Frieza. He was short, and on he was wearing armor his upper torso. His skin was a mixture of white and purple; he had a very long tail which he kept wagging back and forth very slowly, and his head had two extremely sharp horns.
    I remember him just standing there crossed arm, as my father went over to him to kneel and bow his head.
    “L-lord Frieza, welcome. The second weapon is awake. I think after he goes through our training program he will be ready.” My father never looked up as he said any of this, he was petrified. I was beginning to feel his panic. Staring straight at Frieza was like looking into the eyes of a cold and bloody death. He looked at me for a moment, without saying a word— until,
    “Good. Get him ready.” He said, then he walked off.
    “Y-yes Lord Frieza.”
    The following hour I was joined by none other than my twin sister Xeda. She stood in my training room quite jubilantly, everything about her screamed warrior. She had a pair of fierce legs, which were clearly visible through her red shorts. She wore a sleeveless Saiyan armor, and had very short black hair with a bandanna tied around her head. But what stood out the most was a scar that ran across her left cheek.
    After my training we were given a quick set of instructions from our father about what to do next. He found out Frieza ordered us to join him that night, during one of his raids on a neighboring planet. His legion was almost through in conquering their civilization, and he felt this would be a good test run for the both of us.
    “Just remember, Freiza will be watching the both of you so you must act natural.” My father said.
    “I’m tired of destroying these people simply to please Freiza.” Xeda exclaimed. My father, baffled by her statement, quickly rushed over to where she was standing and puts his hand over her mouth.
    “Shhh...you mustn't speak like this out loud. For all we know Frieza’s goons are listening in on our conversations.”
    “I don’t care, I’m tired of all this…” She said. My father puts his hands on her shoulders, and gives her an endearing look.
    “I know my darling. But you must be patient. Your brother Metal is finally awake, so we can begin putting our plans into motion.”
    “Yea finally, I’ve been waiting for him for a whole year.” She retorted. I was shocked at her statement.
    “Father, how long was I out?” I asked. By the expression on his face, I could tell he didn’t want to answer.
    “Listen my son, things are very complicated. We mustn’t focus too much on the less important stuff.”
    “Why did you keep this truth from me?” I asked angrily. Xeda looked over at me,
    “Yea just wait til you find out what else he a’int telling you” She remarked.
    “Xeda, that’s enough. We have a goal to keep, and must do it now or else we can kiss goodbye to the future of our people!”
    After my father’s crying outburst, the other scientist, the stubby one of a darker complexion, popped up in the middle of our conversation,
    “Yes, what is it Zerros?” My father asked.
    “We have word from Lord Frieza. He has ordered that those two are to board his spaceship immediately. They are going on the raid.” He said. The three of us— my father, Xeda, and myself, all stood in a circle staring at each other feeling scared and confused.

    To be continued
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