Sexual harassment in the workplace. Adult content

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    Sexual harassment in the workplace. Adult content

    Sexual harassment in the workplace. By Bob Brown

    The room was silent. Not the good kind… but the oops kind!
    Just moments ago, the place was buzzing. The local bar on a rainy night. Ice cubes bathed in a warm brown liquid that made you see things in a different light. The tv hung from the ceiling, the evening news on. Charlie Rose, fired from CBS, PBS and Bloomberg; reads the scroll
    on the bottom of the screen. The news anchor running through the tawdry details. The latest in high profile men taking advantage of women.

    The room swirled with the opinions of the various patrons. Some took pity on "poor old Charlie", while others likened him to Harvey Weinstein or Al Franken, and thought he should be hanged by his balls.

    In the lull of the conversation, I added “Sometimes no, does not mean no.”

    A wise man might have been silent, or even interjected “I’m kidding.”

    Not me.

    Filling the silence. “If my secretary didn’t sleep with me, I would fire her.”

    They muttered under their breath. Two women at the bar did the best they could, to look at me with utter disgust. The rest turned their backs to me. I was now persona non-grata. The bartender smiled as I pushed my empty glass towards him. He knows me and gives me a wink.

    Staring at my fresh drink. Alone in a crowded bar, I daydream and reminisce.

    I have always loved the way she sat in the chair at her desk. Her back arched and chest thrust forward, it really accented her hourglass figure.
    I have told her many times, “You’re just being a tease.” She would say, “It’s just good posture,” and “Cut it out.”

    She is smart, no doubt about it. When it comes to doing the books, keeping track of the insurance costs and state regulations; we would be lost without her. The first time I saw her, it was her looks that got my attention. Her skills have made this company what it is today, and she is under paid for what she does.

    We are in her office, which is nicer than mine and with a better view. I have drifted off in thought… dirty thoughts.

    “What is the date we were on the Raulli job?” she asked.

    “I don’t know for sure, I think it was a Tuesday a week ago.” I replied.
    I don’t pay any attention to the dates, only days of the week. She knows this and has always patiently helped figure it out. I had emailed her my work reports, so she could get bills out, but had left off the date the job was done.

    It is always warm in there, the little electric heater hums over in the corner. She beckons me over to her desk to look at the calendar on her computer screen, so I can give her the exact date. I lean over her shoulder to look. Her hair smells great. I brush her hair away from her shoulder, so I can lean in to see better. I leave my hand there. I can feel the heat from her body through her blouse. We have been working together for a lot of years and have a certain familiarity with each other. She doesn’t object.

    I don’t have my glasses on, so I placed my head on her shoulder to see better. Staring at the calendar I figure out the date.

    “Yeah, it was the second week of the month, the tenth.” I tell her.

    I have a hard time controlling myself around her. Before I remove my head. I give her just a little nibble on the ear.

    “Knock it off!” she says, as she pushes me away. “I have to get these bills out today and I’ve got a ton of stuff to do.”

    I let out a dejected “Hmmm,” with sad eyes. This has worked in the past, “Do you want me to go?”

    “No, stay and talk to me.” She quips with a sly smile.

    I look out the window while we talk. Most would kill for the view she has, I doubt she even notices it anymore. She is social by nature and being up here by herself is hard for her. I know that and take advantage of it. She is always a little more vulnerable here, a little more open to suggestions.

    “You wanna fool around?” I throw it out there…She might say yes.

    “I gotta get this done.” She didn’t say it with a lot of conviction.

    I abandon the window and stand behind her. I massage her shoulders, I can feel her tension and She lets out a soft moan. She types away, finally hitting the print button to send the invoices to the printer.

    “We’re alone.” I whisper.
    “Not in the office.” She coos.
    “I’ll buy you a nice dinner afterwards.” I say it with an evil grin she can’t see.
    She spins around in her chair, and I kiss her softly on the lips. She rises, and I give her a hug; one hand firmly on her bottom the other on her waist as I draw her in.

    Working at home with your wife does have its advantages.
    I finish my drink. I Leave the bartender a crumpled pile of bills for the tip. I smile at him as I leave. To no one in particular, I utter “Sometimes no does not mean no.” I head for the door. I am not sure who said it, but there was no mistaking the words.


    I smile. I have a great wife and I haven’t lost my sense of humor.

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