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    Forum News - WiFs 33


    Our latest newsletter is jammed full of member news including who's published what and where, member interviews, who's won what challenge and a host of other interesting tidbits! So pull up a chair, relax and enjoy.

    Of course a newsletter can only be maintained with help of all of our members. So if you have any writing successes, outside interviews, open mic night videos etc., please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

    Member News

    Moderan: Duane Pesice

    Test Patterns Anthology
    Many of you may remember this post:

    "Test Patterns involves stories and poetry written in the vein of the old Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery...not in the retro sense, but in the sense of possible moral underpinnings, plot twists, dark subject matter. Right now it's invite-only, and has attracted some of the best-known writers in the weird fiction field. Full funding would mean opening the doors to open submissions and adding interior art -- plus more extras.

    The cover art will be fashioned by noted artist Nick Gucker. I already have some of the stories, long before submissions open. The writers are excited by the prospect -- so much so that we plan another just to fit in the 'name' authors who want to be a part of Test Patterns.

    A five-dollar donation gets you a free ebook. A twenty-dollar donation gets you a TPB. Forty dollars nets you one of the limited-edition hardcovers.

    I would also hope that WF members would contribute stories once we get to open submissions -- because we WILL get there. "

    Please join me in congratulating Duane on the publication of 'Test Patterns'

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Further good news!

    Quote Originally Posted by moderan View Post
    Ellen Datlow released her list of nominees for Best Horror of the Year. Eight authors that are in the Test Patterns anthology and four that are blurbing the thing were nominated multiple times.

    “Test Patterns” is a great collection of adepts of the Weird and who are quickly joining them. This is recommended reading for anyone who is fascinated by off-kilter worlds." -- Aaron Besson, author of an expanding universe of weird fictions.

    "While this volume contains many of the usual suspects, it does not contain the usual stories. An original mix of the whimsical, the fanciful, and the brutal. These stories will take you to some different places. Expect the unexpected." -- Julia Morgan, vocal artist Morgan Scorpion

    Published Authors: Non-fiction

    Monique Published 'Seasons of Grief and Hope'
    Mikeyboy_esq '14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book'

    Published Authors: Fiction

    SueC 'Surving Nathan: A Murder Mystery set in the Dust Bowl'
    Monique When Echo Found His Voice - Cuando Eco descubrió su voz.

    Published Editor / Producer
    (For editing and/or publishing original written, visual or performing arts works produced by other people)

    clark, Editor of JAFFERY, Syed Zaigham S. A Drop Lost in Time,Topical Publishing (Karachi, 2015), ISBN 978-969-9251-67-2. Ed. Clark Cook. Foreword and Prefatory Note, Clark Cook.

    Published Writer
    (For individual published short stories and articles.)

    Pamelyn Casto "Flash Fiction: From Text to Audio to Music, Stage, and Film Adaptations." A 5,000-word essay published in Critical Insights: Flash Awarded for: Fiction. Michael Cocchiarate and Scott D. Emmert, eds. Salem Press/ Gray House Publishing: Ipswich, MA, 2017.

    Pamelyn Casto "Flash Fiction: Brief and (Likely) Necessary Literature" published in Abstract Magazine

    Hawkeye "The Underside" at Flash Fiction Magazine.

    Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist

    (For published poetry or song lyrics.)

    Neetu For publication of "Through the Cracks" and "Fallible"and "A Farewell" in "Our Poetry Archive" and "The Prisoner" in the October Hill

    Hawkeye For publication of "Beach Body" and "Rescue"in "poetryrepairs" #240 v17.08:091.
    For publication of The Box, at Peacock Journal.

    For the publication of chapbook 'Ol' Girl Can Drive' published by Picaro Poets of Ginninderra Press

    Syed For the Publication of 'A Drop Lost in Time',Topical Publishing

    Angel101 For the publication of "Straight Shooter" in RattlePoetry

    Please don't forget to share your success on >Beyond the Forum<

    Out and about around the forum


    Writer and Story of the Month

    The Writer and Story of the Month is not a WF structured challenge. There are no prompts or scoring rubrics involved. Polls may be used to refine or select finalists for WF media publication. Selected works may earn the Pulitzer or similar award.

    The aim of W+SotM is to bring more acknowledgement to the high quality work posted on WF. There are few rules:

    Winning writers will receive a Story of the Month award. Reviewers may receive a Star Critter/similar award.

    'Writer and Story of the Month' for September was
    Plasticweld with I am turning into my Grandpa. Congratulations Plasticweld!

    October: Winner to be announced

    Who will you nominate for the month of November? Nominations deadline 5th December
    Please post your nominations as soon as possible >> HERE <<

    Contests and Challenges

    LM (Literary Maneuvers),

    A monthly fiction challenge
    How does it work?

    • Anyone may suggest a theme regardless of how long they've been apart of the community.
    • To do so, you’d post your suggestion into the LM Coffee Shop thread.
    • The voting will begin according to schedule and the theme with the most votes is the prompt for the next competition.
    • Next write your story and post your story into the current month’s competition thread, located here. If you wish to post anonymously, you send your story to the person hosting the month’s competition and they’ll post it for you.
    • If you wish to maintain all rights to your story, you would post it in the workshop thread, which looks almost exactly as the regular thread but is located here. You’d then post a link to your story in the main competition thread.
    • The month's competition ends on the 14th of the given month.
    • Your entry is scored by a panel consisting of four judges. They score your story and write a review.

    September's challenge was Gorilla Threesome challenge!
    First place: Rubisco with Monkey See Monkey Do

    October's challenge
    was Picture Prompt
    First place: GodofWine with The Chase

    of the LM challenge will receive a free one month FoWF subscription, and will have the honor of selecting next month's prompt. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.

    The Prompt for November is 'I Could See Them Coming'

    Colours of Fiction

    Colors of Fiction is a modified monthly challenge to run alongside the ever-popular Literary Maneuvers competition.

    Judging will go according to the Colors of Fiction Judging Guide, with the addition that each submission must pertain to the elements and template story.

    Prompt: Deep Woods + Nerd

    SueC with Where's Danny Boy

    Sadly, this will be the last Colours of Fiction Challenge until further notice.

    Non-Fiction Challenge

    There is still time to vote for November's prompt. Check out the prompts >> HERE << to cast your vote.


    Monthly Poetry Challenge

    How does it work?
    There will be a poetry challenge each month, with two weeks to submit entries followed by ten days to cast votes.

    September's Prompt: Deceit
    Firemajic won this challenge with: "Phantom Pain"

    October's Prompt: Find Meat On Bones
    ned won this challenge with: "the numbers that kill you"

    of the Poetry challenge will receive a free one month FoWF subscription, and will have the honor of selecting next month's prompt. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.

    The prompt for November's challenge is Magic Jesus Finger

    Pip (Poets in Progress) Challenge

    The 'Poets in Progress' challenge is about improvement and is for every skill level. Judges' critique and feedback is designed to give the poet the tools needed to hone their skills and improve their work. The winner is not the best poem but the most improved

    Prompt for September: Triolet
    Winner of the challenge: HarperCole with "Resistance of Memory"

    Prompt for October: Free Verse + Picture Prompt
    This month we have joint winners! Congratulations to H.Brown with 'To Ponder' and to TuesdayEve with "God Bless the Universe"

    of the Pip challenge will also receive a free one month FoWF subscription, and will have the honor of selecting next month's prompt. The winner will also be invited to have their entry published to Flashes of Brilliance.

    November's Poets in progress challenge is write an A-Z poem.
    Are you up to the challenge?

    Out and about around the forum. What's new?

    The Red Light room

    Strictly Adults Only. Rated R18+. An invite only forum for WRITERS of erotica, erotic fiction etc. This forum allows for explicitly graphic works (poetry and fiction) which should be treated sensitively and with respect. If this is your genre please contact rcallaci or PiP for further details.

    The Poetry Hill

    The Poetry Hill is a haven where poets who are still discovering their own poetic potential can have their work appraised in an atmosphere of friendly discussion and receive suggestions and ideas tailored to their individual style and approach.

    The aim is to build confidence and help the new poet find his or her voice in a one-to-one workshop. It is not about teaching poetry methods so much as helping each poet to work with their poem and discover their own potential.

    Participation is by invitation. If you are interested, send a private message to jenthepen or PiP to find out more.

    WF BookStore

    When was the last time you checked the shelves of the WF BookStore?
    Please support our members and check out their books.

    Reminder: If you have published a book and would like it included please contact James 剣 斧 血 with details.

    Flashes of Brilliance

    Flashes of Brilliance
    is WF's own online magazine. Three times a week you can read here the best poetry, fiction, written by our very own writers, and interviews with published WF authors. The winners of the diverse WF challenges will be published, as well as the best autors of the workshops and the open boards.
    So check regularly, and leave a comment for the authors.


    WF Member Author Interviews

    Mike Kowis

    Mike Kowis was born and raised in Southeast Texas, is a proud Christian whose hobbies include cooking and off-roading. He has practised as a Corporate Tax Lawyer for 20 years and taught Business Law & Corporate Tax Classes for the past 15 years.
    Mike has published two award winning books: 'Engaging College Students' and more recently '14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book'.

    Click image for larger version. 

Views:	51 
Size:	48.9 KB 
ID:	20039

    Interview continues < HERE>

    Dr. Margi Prideaux

    Dr Margi Prideaux is an international wildlife policy writer, negotiator and academic. She has worked within the conservation movement for 25 years. You can follow her on twitter @WildPolitics.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	margi graphic 4.jpg 
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ID:	20040
    Interview continues >HERE<


    Who's in the Limelight this month?

    Have you read the latest interview between Schrody and Jenthepen?
    If you haven't, you really should, it is a wonderful interview.

    >> You can read it here <<


    Don't forget to check us out on:

    Writing Forums on Twitter
    Flashes of Brilliance on Facebook
    Writing Forums on Facebook
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    Great news letter. Thank you Darren for bring it to us.
    Fancy joining a photgraphy group? The check out the Hidden Content group.

    Visit My Blog to get to know me better.Hidden Content Hidden Content A fun group of like minded new writers.
    Hidden Content Hidden Content A place for young writers to talk and chill.

    Why not check out the Hidden Content and join in the latest challenge discussions.

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    Darren, what a marvellous newsletter - so much great stuff comes form Writing forums...Thank you to everyone involved in its poroduction and, thanks for including my chapbook

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