Winston - Haha, this was a really playful addition to the workshop. I really enjoyed how you stitched together two vastly different clichés so seamlessly.

Granthax’s character is a bit unclear. He comes across initially as intimidating and imposing and is willing to leverage this during a discussion. However, there are bits like this:

"This is insane! YOU are insane!" Granthax stood up, jabbing a pointy claw at Goldstein. "My son was right. We should have just used one of our dark matter singularity bombs on you, and be done with it! But no. I though[t] we could use some slaves..."

… that are inconsistent. Why is he willing to even talk to Goldstein and tolerate this human? Surely, with technology like subspace carrier waves, he is able to enslave us all by force. Why would he care about earthly currencies and goods? Still, the juxtaposition between how opportunistic and shark-like Hollywood execs could be with both ratings and enslavement was just delicious. Also, this is not to say these inconsistencies couldn’t be used to add layers to Granthax’s character; I liked how his wife handled the financing of the deathfleet. Overall, these are just nits and roughened edges that could be smoothened out with more polish and time.

Great work, great imagination, great whimsy. I really like how effectively you fleshed out a typical Hollywood exec.

Minor spelling and grammar errors throughout the piece, which a few read overs could fix. With polish, I could see this getting published on sci-fi short story websites.