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    Magic Jesus Finger or Up the Nose

    (Hope I linked that right... It's #5)
    To be water. To be the water-bearer.

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    The Finger of God

    He came in the blood of the evening sun;
    naked save for the beads on his neck and arms

    He embodied the god in a filial embrace,
    and as the god's Shaman was seeped in the Art.

    His visions were glowing and phantasmagorical,
    evoking the Spirits to dance with the Tribe.
    Strange and unearthly he wove a new dance
    of love and compassion for all of mankind.
    He cured the afflicted of body and mind,
    and revoked the pallid demon of sudden Death..

    The Tribe truly burgeoned with magical power;.
    but the Pale Cross Worshippers
    the strange, distant rulers of the tribes of the forest,
    threatened to destroy the god of the mountain,
    which would devastate The Tribe.
    He was the Guide to the sacred garden
    where grew the magic Tree of Immortality.

    Another Shaman, green with deception ,sought The Cross Worshippers
    telling them them the secret of the source of The Tribes power.
    They had been seduced by a wicked Shaman,
    who used demonic powers to perform his miracles..
    He would destroy him, if they would spare the god of the mountain
    and the Deceiver deviously sewed doubt in the minds of the Tribe
    accusing the Shaman of evil practises and profanity.

    They sacrificed him on the Accursed Tree.
    He died for the sake of the god of the mountain
    and the sure immortality of The Tribe.
    They drank his warm blood to gain some of his power
    and ate the flesh of his side to remember him.
    His Spirit lived on. He was never forgotten.


    The Pale Cross Worshippers condemned them.
    The Tribe worshipped Demons evoked by the Shaman,
    and a true abomination, they performed Human Sacrifice.
    It was rumoured they were cannibals
    and ate the corpse of the Shaman.
    They were truly damned.

    To save them they needed to be converted to the Worship of the Cross.

    Those who have eyes to see. See...but they were blind
    Those who have brains to think...think, but their minds were closed.

    None of them understood.

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    L’artista della Cappella

    L’artista della Cappella

    Atop a scaffold
    stretching his neck
    he portrays grace
    with golden flecks
    upon his face

    rendering heaven
    clothing god
    naked man
    with reaching hands
    that almost brush
    over the sacred ceiling

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    Jesus was born in a mountain town
    where the sky meets the trees
    Moisture misty white threads
    green carpet canopies
    Gentle nature, kindly soul
    mature beyond fourteen
    Spider Monkeys, Tapirs knew him
    yet no one had foreseen
    The people of the village
    resent his gifted hands
    Illuminating fingers
    healing animal and man
    Magic, evil, devils' curse,
    special some would say
    Parish priest spitting blood
    strickened vertebrae
    Jesus hand glowed white light
    touched the man's forehead
    Denounced the boy a heretic
    believer now instead
    They rallied 'round this miracle
    the priest now quite convinced
    Jesus was a blessing
    sent to all as evidence
    Gods' boundless power transforms lives
    if only we can see
    Wonderous marvels everyday
    life's prodigy is thee

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