W+SotM Nominations: November 2017

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Thread: W+SotM Nominations: November 2017

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    W+SotM Nominations: November 2017

    The aim of W+SotM is to bring more acknowledgement to the high quality work posted on the forum. There are few rules:

    • Nominations should be in by the 5th of December.
    • Nominated pieces must be from the open Prose sub-forums (fiction and non-fiction).
    • The piece must have been posted within the correct calendar month (November 2017).
    • The nomination must include, or be supported by, a quotable review/critique of the work.
    • A user may nominate their own work but the critique must be by another user.

    Winning writers will receive a Story of the Month award and will be in the running for a Writer of the Year award. Reviewers may receive a Star Critter/similar award.

    Winning pieces and quality reviews/critiques may be used in future WF publications.

    For further detail, and to join in on the discussion about how this works, please go ahead to this thread: http://www.writingforums.com/threads...ards-will-work
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    BD beat me to it, but I would also nominate Plague Maiden.

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    Flashes now accepting submissions. Please submit your poetry, flash fiction and writing articles <Hidden Content >

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