Do plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month? YES? Why not take the Inkitt Pledge
I hereby write a 50,000 word fiction novel in one month's time. In undertaking this huge project, I understand that if I follow the guidelines outlined in the Writers Write Program I will tremendously increase the likeliness of finishing my first draft. In the month ahead, I realize that I will most likely write cliched characters, one dimensional plots and awkward dialogue and agree that these will be fixed at a later stage of editing. Most of all, I pledge that I will do the best I can to complete the Writers Write challenge and have fun while doing it!

There will be free writing coaching sessions (e.g. with the editor of the Martian), Q&A's with famous authors such as Andy Weir, Lauren Kate, etc. and a writing buddy system. Currently, they are inviting authors to pledge here: