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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren White View Post

    Yeah Jen, that's most certainly synaesthesia. It comes in many forms and sizes
    I love it that you didn't want to eat 'mauve' food!

    I've never paid much attention to it, because I thought everyone had that same thing I had. It was just normal, Until I found out only a few years ago that is had a name and was something unusual. It's kind of funny.
    I was the same, I thought everyone did it until I started getting funny looks and comments every time I mentioned it.

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    Dear Darren,
    That was absolutely gorgeous, facinating, ausum, and
    exhilarating. I watched a few videos by the same artist
    and I’m wondering, are your colors always rainbows or
    does it vary on a spectrum... blues and purples, reds &
    yellows...mood, types of sounds, sorry so
    many questions.
    It’s just so interesting...other people’s normal..honestly,
    its a wonder...
    Known audibly, you’ve given me a visual on stuttering
    which, as a visual learner, has added an additional
    facet for me.
    A gal I worked with once, son, has Tourettes with several
    ticks so I’m not unfamiliar with it. At the time, he was in
    elementry school and some kids were not kind. When he
    began a new drug therapy the ticks were minimal and he
    started to like school for the first time.

    Thank you so much for sharing that it was very cool.
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    Dear jen,
    Among other things, I’m a blogger. I posted a poem
    earlier without commentary.... only because I didn’t
    think to at the time....I might like this outlet, very


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