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    I've just been organising our holidays for next year, but it isn't easy to find anywhere that we'd rather be than here in Kent. It only takes us a few days away from home to realise that we'd rather be back here. I think my angel has illustrated the reason why very well in this thread. She has proved that no matter how advanced the camera is ultimately it's the photographer's eye that takes the picture.

    Well done angel! You have certainly lived up to the reputation that I gave you here in WF before you joined, but I never doubted that you would. Nice pictures by the way.

    And now apparently I need to get out of bed and do some housework while she is busy in the garden. Would anyone like to see some photos of a vacuum cleaner?
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    First signs of Autumn

    Roses are getting hippie.

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    Fruit and flowers

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    Silver Birch, now turned to gold.

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    Mad Chicken light and graceful seedheads.

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    I Spied-Er Photo Opportunity.

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    Dungeness Nuclear Power and Fishing Boats.

    Dungeness A & B Power Stations and
    old disused Lighthouse, now too far inland.
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    Waiting for high tide.
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    Just waiting.
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    Boardwalk to nowhere.
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    I don't know how far you are from Bedgebury, but there is a lot of beautiful colour there at this time of year. They call it the National Pinetum, but there are lots of other things, like small maples, planted between the pines. The other time it is good is when the waterlilies are in bloom on the lake, big areas of them in various colours.
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