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    Midnights' Curtain

    I am the defiler, the one that haunts your dreams
    I'm inside your head tonite muffling all your screams
    Hold your children closely, window shades are drawn
    I'm the squeaky stairway, rooftop thump predawn
    My hunger, unsatisfied, my thirst unquenched for blood
    I roam through silent gangways unlit and black above
    Cloaked in midnights' curtain from eyes of trusting souls
    I hunt and search unceasingly for blood red meat on bones

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    A Farmer's Choice (Warning: Mature Content)

    He likes his meat rare
    and of the finest cut,
    fresh from the farm
    the milkmaids run.

    Well-fed, round-bottomed,
    skin smooth like cream--
    he dreams the taste,
    tastes the dream.

    He insists itís best
    fresh from the farm
    where the soil is rich
    and the air is clean.

    Little would you guess
    what he really means
    when he says he craves
    fat, jeers at the lean.

    (c) Neetu Malik

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