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Thread: I am turning into my Grandpa.

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    aww this is absolutely amazing. i like it a lot, the picture as well.

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    I should show this to my husband. He'd get a kick out of it. I may not take that long to get out the door, but generally, I'll get out to the car, and remember something I forgot. Or be down the road a piece and remember it . . . Sometimes we go back, sometimes we don't. Sometimes, he and my son let it go with a smart remark. Sometimes he says something that will throw up those stony walls of silence and there's no conversation to speak of for the entire trip.

    We've been mairried for heading on 35 years. We didn't know each other in school. He would've been behind me a couple of years. I met him after I moved up here - I wasn't impressed with him at first. Lol! Have to say, I don't recall any twinkle in my grandfather's eye for my grandmother, but it was there for him from her. I love seeing that myself. What bugs me is when some young person says something snide about their parents still showing affection and holding hands. Still using the bed for something other than naps. I loved seeing my parents chasing each other around the house, giggling and laughing like kids. I never did see how those episodes started - what remark had triggered the chase. Wish I did, just once. Just all of a sudden there they'd be, charging through, Mom giggling and yelling for us to get out the way! Sometimes, we'd try to get between them, help Mom escape. If we succeeded in that, he'd "punish" us by tickling us or piling us all on top of each other on the floor. Happy times . . . happy times . . .

    Sometimes we have to take a few moments to remember those early days when everything was new and exciting. Try getting back that twinkle if we've let it fade. Seems like there's less work in keeping it than trying to get it back. Humor helps!

    Loved it!
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    Thanks for the kind words Anita. Life has a way of tempering us and taking off some of the rough edges.
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    Yes it does! It certainly did that with my mom-in-law! That's a whole 'nother story . . . maybe someday . . .
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    Beautiful story.

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    Totally relatable story. Nice job. Here's my edit, hope you're not offended:
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