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    Ponder the Unthinkable (pt37) Terms and Vocabulary

    I realize many of my segments are filled with jargon and terms that most people may be unfamiliar with.
    On that note, here are a few of the most common "prepper / survivalist" terms and concepts:

    SHTF: "Stuff Hits The Fan" is the general term for a breakdown of services and civil order. Basic supplies (food, fuel) are unavailable. Services (Police, Fire and Medical) are extremely limited. Violence and looting are common. The duration of a SHTF is unknown, and can be a few days to months.

    WORL "Without Rule of Law" means that a SHTF event just got worse. No First Responders are responding at all because their lives are in jeopardy. There will be unchecked looting, rampant fires and gangs everywhere. Vigilantes will frequently hang or shoot looters and rapists in public. The only National Guard you see will be highwaymen pretending to be Army. Public information broadcasts will stop. You are totally on your own.

    TEOTWAWKI "The End Of The World As We Know It" is it's Mad Max time. Or, maybe order has been restored under a tyrant like Neegan from The Walking Dead. But your favorite webcasts are gone and will NEVER return. No fast food restaurants. Most of the population will have to work long days in agriculture to survive. The days of large, central government are over. Small to medium functioning "fiefdoms" will be the norm. People will look like hell, and smell even worse. The best case scenario is a world like 1850s United States. A gloomier outcome would look like 1150s England. Expect illiterate masses with a life expectancy of 45 years.

    Bug Out: This is the term for leaving an untenable position. If your house is flooded, burning or flattened by a quake, you "Bug Out". A "Bug Out Bag" (BOB) is something you carry that has enough supplies for at least three days; theoretically enough time to make it to your BOL (Bug Out Location). You may travel on foot, or in your BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). As you can see, the "prepper" community is fond of 'Bugging Out". I am not, unless absolutely necessary.

    SIP: Shelter In Place is the answer during most SHTF and WORL scenarios. Your BOL may be compromised.

    Off the Grid: This is a concept that survivalists embrace to ensure long-term sustainability. It means using as few external resources as possible, and relying on alternate power sources (solar, wind). It also includes things like having your own renewable water and food supplies (homesteading). It may include developing homegrown homeopathic medicine and maintaining independent communication and personal defense resources.

    Doomsday / Day One: The beginning of a SHTF, an benchmark. There are specific actions taken before and after Day One. Each action may be event specific or general.

    EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse is one Doomsday scenario. All electronics are inoperable, including banks, grocery and fuel distribution.

    Grid Down: Similar to a EMP, only caused by a massive hack, viral or DDOS attack.

    Pandemic: Same effect as above, as critical systems fail when not staffed due to widespread illness.

    MRE: Meal Ready to Eat (or as we called them, Meals Refusing to Exit). Rookie prepper food storage, used mainly by government entities. Maximum five year shelf life, the one's you buy may only have three years or less left. Instead, buy freeze dried food, good for 25 years.

    KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid is probably the most important concept you need to know. Think about it, just don't think too hard.

    EDC: Everyday Carry are things you should have on you, or nearby (in your vehicle / workplace). The list varies slightly, but reference The Boy Scouts 10 hiking essentials. Think things like a knife, water, first aid kit and emergency blanket.

    The Lifeboat: The concept of limited resources being overwhelmed by masses of people. The analogy is you can't put 20 people in a lifeboat only designed for 10. The boat will sink, and all will die.

    Sheeple: These are the Sheep People. They did nothing to prepare for an emergency, believing the lie that the government will always be there to help. These are the ones that will attempt to sink the Lifeboat.

    Faggetaboutit: I just made this one up. This is for when a large asteroid strike in imminent, or a global thermonuclear war starts. I live a couple of miles from a US Navy facility that services carriers and submarines. In a Faggetaboutit scenario, just pour your favorite adult beverage and enjoy the fireworks.

    I'm sure I've forgotten some. Every "community" has it's jargon. Just don't let that, or anything, stop you from making some easy common sense decisions that could save your life.
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    Winston, I am assuming your post is related to a larger work you are writing. Survival books have been popular for years. But, given the current global political situation and global warming effects, this may be a good time to publish a survival book.
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