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    Quote Originally Posted by sas View Post
    Really? Really?

    I have decided, if anyone wants to workshop, I will be in Poetry Workshop group. All there usually understand what a workshop, given freely and taken, generously by everyone.

    Stop apologizing, Fire.


    Are you alright dude?

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    Enough of the personal and off topic comments etc. This thread is now locked.
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    You all know me well enough to know that I was not going to turn a blind eye to what transpired in this thread. My internet is down for one day, and this is what happens. It's time for another refresher course, it would seem.

    Did I miss the memo that the Rules were suspended for the day on September 4th because an awful lot of them were breached in this thread. Where to start, hmm, at the beginning. The thread went seriously off topic, a staff directive was ignored and the posts continued to veer off topic in the worst of ways which led to another staff directive to cease, which also wasn't heeded, followed by two more directives and a thread closure. So, four directives issued by three different members of staff in a single thread that ended up locked. If you dismiss a staff directive you are ignoring staff which is a rule breach that can ultimately lend to a timeout from the site. This is the second time I've implored everyone to heed directives in a very short period of time. You know what they say about third strikes.

    Time to address some of the off topic comments themselves. Now we all know that posts in creative threads are supposed to be directed at the work, and yes, a little off topic is permissible within reason, but the work itself was completely forgotten and the comments turned extremely personal in a fashion that was unacceptable. Attacks on other members will not be tolerated. Attacks on volunteer staff will not be tolerated. I should not have to remind anyone of this. Anyone who has a complaint with a staff member's performance should contact either a Supervisor or Administrator. Random accusations against staff or other members based upon a personal opinion and not much else blatantly posted in any thread can be construed as flaming, which is also against the Rules and can also lend to an eventual timeout.

    I could go on and on about posts in this particular thread, but for the sake of brevity, it's time I generalize. Let's again go over what the Poetry board's purpose is. It is not a playground, it is a school. If you post anything here, prepare to receive critique. Once you post, you open your work to all opinions, positive or negative, so if you can't take honest critique, or feel your work is so perfect it's above reproach, it's better you post your work either to Tavern Poetry or create a blog. If it's solely back pats you seek, share with family and friends because this is a writing site and what you post is taken seriously by your peers. If you don't care about it, why should they? Some of our best critique providers are unfairly being met with hostility for providing assistance. If you don't want help, don't offer up your work for evaluation. By the same token, if you know they don't want to learn, don't waste your time because your time is precious. The underlying hostility between the serious and the flippant has stolen the tranquility from this board and created an atmosphere that is nearly noxious. This constant quibbling has to cease, as does the pot stirring, those who are engaging in that particular bit of nastiness know who they are. Threads are being clogged with off topic chatter about critique so frequently, and it's the same arguments over and over and they are spilling into the personal on the regular now, it's making it difficult for anyone to learn anything. I implore you all, agree to disagree on some points and let's please just move on already.

    Friday marks the tenth anniversary of my joining WF, and in that decade, I've never seen such unrest on the board. The very serious poets and the dabblers have always coexisted with almost no animosity in the past, it's time everyone at least tries to respect the wishes of either side. If you're not seeking critique, post elsewhere, it's not fair to waste the time of others, if they are resistant to honesty or assistance, forgo their threads. Serenity must be restored to both Poetry boards so we can get back to the business of creating, sharing, teaching and learning because that's what we are all here for.

    Thank you for your attention. I trust there will be no further threads of this nature. I am leaving this thread unlocked. If you have an issue with anything I've said, kindly contact me via PM. I am more than willing to discuss any issue with any member. Any subsequent snarky off topic comments in this thread will see the poster moderated to the fullest extent possible.
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    My great thanks to you Chester's Daughter for unlocking this thread, pointing to the very important.

    As a writer here, there's nothing more gratifying than participating in a thread where there's a healthy "give and take", in the end having learned and more able share knowledge for the betterment of craft. As well as getting to know a fellow writer just a little bit better.

    We are not here to cut life short. We are here to write about it. And grow "together" both as artists and human beings.

    Thank you again, CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fowly View Post
    Why do I run away
    Why do I hide my face
    Could It really be
    That I am someone else
    In the mirror, That is not me.
    Who am I
    I am but a shadow of
    The person I used to be.
    Who is she in the mirror
    Why does she look like me
    I do like the double meaning of the title, "Reflection", as it portrays the visual image in the mirror and also, the act of pondering; I'm quite a fan of such word usage.
    Questions in poems are sometimes said to weaken it. However, this isn't always the case (IMHO). My own view is that questions are valid in this particular piece due to its reflective, self-questioning tone.
    I would substitute lower case for capitals where a line runs over into the next - but I realise that some poets prefer not to do this.

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