Discussing Post modernism frorm a cultural and social standpoint

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Thread: Discussing Post modernism frorm a cultural and social standpoint

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    Discussing Post modernism frorm a cultural and social standpoint

    I want to learn, share and also put forth my opinions on this though an already outdated idea of postmodernism. Yes it covers a plethora of subjects and opens up liberal, nontraditional, non-ideological topics for discussions. It also creates a platforms for rejecting all established truths and interpretations centering around all these accepted social, cultural, literary and moral values. It uproots hitherto accepted facts and does not intend to accept them as facts. And even deconstructionism is also somewhat associated with this viewpoint. It does not agree with social fabrics founded Christian ideologies. It questions the very ideas rooted in Marxist ideas and even cultural Marxism. It seems to be related Frankfort school where a few leftists worked to infiltrate all socio-cultrual institutions that value traditional thoughts and maybe it goes beyond these ideas and embrace science, mainly physics and biology to redefine and understand our cultural bases. I do not know whether it is proper or improper to put such issues for discussions. As a writer I want to learn through discussions and am sure constructive, critical and analytical ideas are coming forth. Maybe I will deconstruct some of my misreadings or misunderstanding of this, though outdated, theory of literature.

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    As an aside, only....at the age of 73, I always wonder just when anything is "modern". I thought I was quite modern, in the 50s & 60s. Seems no longer so. Smiles. I'll peek into this discussion.


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