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    The Fume

    This is a very skeletal 'premise' for an urbanization-paranoia film concept (sci-fi horror themed) about a toxic-entity possessing a science-lab employee and transforming him into an apocalyptic toxicity-spewing 'creature' (or 'leviathan'!) known as 'The Fume.'

    I'd like to see Leo DiCaprio portray the FBI agent Stan Mulder pursuing The Fume, and Benicio Del Toro portraying the 'spirit-corrupted' unfortunate lab employee named Stanley.

    I'd also like to see Stephen King edit such a screenplay and Bryan Singer direct!

    It's great how the new age trend in 'fantasy-paranoia' sci-fi storytelling is conducive for 'bureaucracy-frailty themed film-script ideas.'

    I was a big fan of Herman Melville short-stories and Captain America (Marvel Comics) books as a young man, so you might notice the influences/imprints...

    What do you think? Should I develop it more (or alter it), and if so, in what way?


    Stan looked at his watch and realized that The Fume had spread across LA and Phoenix. He looked at the case-file of The Fume one more time --- a strange bureaucrat named Stanley was poisoned in a toxicity experiment at the Salk Institute and became a morphing toxic-gas spewing 'intelligence' which carried a decay-smelling 'aura' and shocked people to death. Stanley (aka, 'The Fume') believed he was a 'prophet' of urbanization-paranoia and about the moral apathy towards urban upkeep and sewage and eco-pollution 'maladies.'

    Stan decided to confront The Fume one night in LA after preparing much with his rigorous FBI field-training, which caught the attention of the NSA and the Navy SEALs. Stan was convinced he could 'save' Stanley's soul and partition him so as to restore him to 'human status' and forever destroy 'The Fume.' Stan stared at Stanley on Figueroa (right before The Fume was about to excrete his mind-stunning pungent toxic gas onto pedestrians on a warm summer Saturday night).

    STAN: Stanley, let me help you...
    STANLEY: Call 'us' The Fume!

    STAN: You don't want to live as a 'toxic spirit.'
    STANLEY: Yes I do! American cities are cesspools.

    STAN: Don't lose your basic faith in humanity, Stanley.
    STANLEY: Look at what happened to me, Officer!

    STAN: Let the people heal your heart (and body).
    STANLEY: All I am is 'The Fume.'

    STAN: That demonic mutation residing in your 'soul' can be 'exorcised.'
    STANLEY: How? By making me a 'guinea pig' for the U.S. military?

    STAN: No wants want to weaponize your 'curse,' Stanley.
    STANLEY: We'll see...

    Stanley (aka, 'The Fume') ran away from Stan and was too fast to be pursued. Stan was also worried, Stanley would turn around and spew his eco-polluting toxic gases (or fumes) in his face and stun him to death. Stan went back to FBI headquarters where he reasoned with the U.S. government and a very distressed Donald Trump that The Fume would attack San Francisco next. Stan was correct.

    STAN: Don't terrorize San Francisco the way you did Los Angeles, Stanley!
    STANLEY: Call us The Fume, Officer...

    STAN: I refuse to call you 'The Fume.' You're simply possessed.
    STANLEY: Alright, if I take this 'thing' to you and surrender, will you give me asylum?

    STAN: I assure you that we'll do everything in our power to restore your humanity.
    STANLEY: I'll trust you (for now, Officer). Maybe someday I can be 'Stanley' again.

    STAN: That's what everyone (including President Trump) wants. I'll take you.
    STANLEY: Alright, take me to your official governmental 'research-hospital,' Officer.

    STAN: For you, it will be like 'Arkham Asylum,' Stanley.
    STANLEY: I used to love comic books as a kid...

    STAN: There's no reason we can't redeem your innocence, my friend!
    STANLEY: You're either very sensible or incredibly shrewd...

    STAN: We'll take that 'Fume' out of you, Stanley.
    STANLEY: Alright.

    Stanley went rigorous tests and rehabilitation measures as well as psychiatric counseling to measure what his intentions were, how is mind 'felt,' and how to 'coax' and 'ease' that toxic 'fume-intelligence' out of the cavities of his brain (and mind!). Stanley was found to be poisoned by a super self-replicating organic 'entity' which had the ability to open up perspiration and chemical pores and generate toxic-gas generating spores. Stanley was also treated therefore by an esteemed dermatologist before he appeared on Larry King Live (as simply 'Stanley').

    "I am so relieved that Stanley received the incarceration and rehabilitation procedures in order for the U.S. government and American scientists/doctors to fully understand what kind of chemistry-related science-lab experiment accident fused his body with a 'pseudo-intelligent entity' with the ability to enter into brain cells and generate spores with the capacity to manipulate perspiration dynamics and body heat and generate toxic-gas spewing spores from Stanley's mouth! It was discovered that Stanley was 'possessed' by a toxic 'entity' (which will forever be remembered ominously as 'The Fume') that altered his mental disposition and affected his attitude, taking his pedestrian cynicism towards urbanization and turning it into a bureaucracy-terrorism malady (and American tragedy)! The FBI (and I) hope that Stanley's case will be remembered as a 'modern miracle'!
    -Forever FBI, Stan"


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    An intriguing premise! What a great cast already also. I hope a project like this receives more attention and maybe a green light! Cheers Ash


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